1. M

    Brush Related Question

    I read from numerous tutorials that if you have two brushes touching each other that you should add a smaller brush in between and tie it to a func_wall entity. Apparently it helps lower the face count or something. Anyone care to elaborate?
  2. M

    Brush 3 is making trouble... help plz

    hlcsg v2.5.3 rel Custom Build 1.7 (Dec 9 2002) Zoner's Half-Life Compilation Tools -- Custom Build Based on code modifications by Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh Based on Valve's version, modified with permission. Submit detailed bug reports to ([email protected]) ----- BEGIN hlcsg -----...
  3. E

    behold the power of the clip brush

    ive noticed the maps haveing touchable sky boxes... for anyone who has played on a map where you go as high as you can and your player turns compleatly black and sometimes it goes into first persion view this is why... i would like to propose that you put a clip brush around the inside of...
  4. Sicron

    Tutorial: How to Brush

    Well since I think some of you want to make sigs. So u go to Photoshop throw some filters over each other, go to the esf forums, show off ur sig and then u only get flamed on how bad it is… Well in this case you might want to learn a advance sig technique…which is...
  5. JTR

    2nd Brush sig

    My 2nd bursh sig... Just played with a lil blend and colors... What do U think?? C&C...
  6. bapplebo

    Brush experiement.

  7. JTR

    First Brush Sig

    First time I used brushes on a sig... And Black/white... What do U think?? C&C... Know the text is quite bad... I could come up with something good/long... Some1 who have a good LONG Shikamaru/Nara quote?? Plzz need one.. - JTR
  8. L

    First Brush Wallpaper The Guyver

    This Is My First Brush Wallpaper, I Was Inspired By, My Sig Ofcourse :smile: Plus My Reallly Old Guyver Wallpaper, Wich I Havent Been Able To Dig Up.. I Made 3 Colour's Dark Red, Blue And Orange.. Blue: Red...
  9. O

    brush wallpaper

    Just a brush wallpaper I did for a friend, I guess its fire-ish. Comments appreciated
  10. darknavigator

    Nav tried to brush <_< >_>

  11. Sicron

    First brush sig

    well its not much....just some little thing i made to test brushes, im new to brushes =P, and i know, font doesnt fit at all but i had to chose something, i couldnt find anything, ill try looking later for some better fonts X_x like i said, i just tried out, nothing special ;) **edit**...
  12. Vejimaru

    My first brush intensive sig

    I haven't posted here in a while, and I am not here often but I figure I might as well post this. This is my first sig where I used mostly brushes. The person standing in the grass is my gaia avatar (see link in sig).
  13. Yazuken

    I am missing some Entitys

    For some reason, i am missing some entitys in the entity selector. for example. i dont have Func_water and Trigger_hurt. does anyone know why this is?
  14. Wangster

    first wp with a lil 2D ...

    hey, i made a wp, its been a long time, so please dont butch me if its ugly... i think it looks cool, the pic fits really well, thats my opinion, what do you all think? ps: the image has no stroke....aldough it loosk like it @ some parts. looks better when used as wp in xp.
  15. Z

    Vegitto Reskin ( my first postet Reskin

    HEy this is my first postet Reskin... giv me som Crits ( i am a noob ) What do you Thinks.........?! Orginal model: ned Edit by: Vegetto91 Skinnet by: [Tam Z] - Zarp (thats maby Spellt wrong but i am not good a englich and i am just 14 year)
  16. N

    newb at makein skins plz help!

    I was just wonderin how to color stuff... I just made a little kirby so ya I need help bad!!! :scared: o_o
  17. Yazuken

    How do you make water?

    Hi, i dont know how to make water, can someone tell me how to?
  18. Yazuken

    Weird compiling warning and error

    Hey, when i compile i keep getting the following warning: Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\valve\halflife.wad - Contains 5 used textures, 100.00 percent of map (3116 textures in wad) Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\esf\esf.wad - Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes)...
  19. M

    another map and questions

    sup peeps, i just want to know how to make something rotate, like a fan and also make something being able to move looking like the wind is blowing. off topic (i think): the map i was working on, tournament, im not going to be able to finish that for a while. ive completely redone it but...
  20. |Da|K|

    new poster...the same as all the others?

    Made a new poster for some reason i like this noe the best outa all my posters.... DA LiNK Critz&Comments plz
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