1. jp

    Another movie, GIF, i was bored once again.

    Hehe, it seems when i am bored, i make movies. This is one of my longest movies, and i personally think its quitte smooth. The background isn't really good, becouse my computer nearly exploded when i saved the darn thing! :fight: Oh well, here it is, enjoy. And Credits to Killu15...
  2. Neon

    Got bored...

    I got bored and saw killu's thread about a gif he made, so i decided why not make one myself and so i did. Should i make the next episode or not? Oh and creds goes to which only has 3 DBZ:LSW sprites right now for some reason... oh well.
  3. Majin Pool

    What to do, if your bored

    Sometimes i am quitte bored, and want to kick some bot's their but. I create a super-bot with a enormous powerlevel, and i make it so, that they can't move. So i autopuch them, and my powerlevel is going sky-rocket! Then i will ki blob him, and that will really make me strong. Then i delete...
  4. R

    My drawing, i was kinda bored just now..

    It's my worst one yet according to me, considering im an artist and I draw all the time.. it's not even finished lol the head/hair is pissing me off :\
  5. Lord Killmore

    me is bored *Katana*

    well i was just bored like hell and did this polycount is 617 no special design or something just a good ol´simple katana i suck at skinning weps so i wont skin it but if anybody wanna skinmap/skin it just tell me. it wasnt actually planned for NS or any other game i just did it...
  6. Shuyin

    bored? try this crappy yet amusing javagame Game plays entirely with words, click back now if you don't like games without pictures.. See if you can survive and beat it :p
  7. Sorrow

    Being bored .

    I was kind of bored this morning, so I just found some lineart and used about 40 minnutes on doing something I think was a little cool ,maybe :/ . Oh btw, the metal things are heavy wip of course :x .
  8. Suh Dude


    This is a request............does anyone that has a model thats already skin map and stuff? Well, give me the link and i'll skin it. Must be dbz, no naruto stuff :P
  9. X

    Interesting Flash Game... if your bored?

    DP gave me the link, anyway, I've gotten as far as placing a ring into this red box and placing a cord on the back of the radio... see DP has gotten farther than me, Im stuck D:
  10. P


    havent made one in a while so i jsut did this for fun as practise
  11. I

    im bored, another challenge

    seeing that fight club is getting more popular, then there will be a better chance someone actually answers this challenge. :D
  12. Amayirot Akago

    Im bored... I challenge Hwoarang!!

    It's been some time since my battles with Checkplease and NeLo... I think the time has come for my next battle... I challenge you, Hwoarang!
  13. I

    bored again.. another open fight club challenge

    bored once again. got whooped by miroku in my last fight. so anyone wanna tangle in a friendly battle? :]
  14. I

    bored... open fight club challenge ^_^

    enter at your own risk :devgrin: except the cuc.. dunno if im ready for teh old and wise one
  15. H

    Smo Bored Art D;

  16. Neon

    Some Background I made while I was bored...

    I was real bored and made these
  17. Marauder

    bored >_<

    well, im uterly bored...sue me -_-
  18. Marauder

    Bored O_o

    well, my first Bored work :P simple render, brushes from a guy in deviantart(WuRklash 's the name)
  19. S

    Are you bored.. if so..

    Since i have no skills/knowledge when it comes to this i am gonna ask.. o_o Would somebody be interrested in making me an signature (maybe avatar?) :] If so, just post in this thread or pm me.. It would be really cool if a pic from the fighting scene where Super Vegeta gets his ass...
  20. I


    Ok, I was EXTREMELY bored. I was thinking to myself, why is it that every time someone mentions FM, they all of a sudden get mad. It was funny to me, so I thought of making a drawing how someone would look when someone said the name "FM". :laff: