1. KidMan

    Got bored..

    I got bored and made a new computer. Tell me what you think should be changed if anything needs to be. Note: Money is not an issue and I am only sticking with one video card. Motherboard: ASUS A8N-E Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard CPU: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego...
  2. P

    Meh bored so ill write.

    Ignore the spelling errors if your capable, doing this for a few mins in a hurry. His hands tremble as he reaches out for the door, a door that marks what was his only motivation for becoming what he is today. Looking at it as if the blight of the world was being held at bay by this peice of...
  3. Shinkyou

    Really bored.

    Ok..I'm serioulsy bored. Someone, start talking. GOGOGO! :: WAits. :: :: Is on AIM Too...>.>...::
  4. B

    What do you do when your bored?

    i make useless thread like this
  5. |Overlord|

    What do you do when your bored ?

    Title says it all Sleep I guess If I can't find any think to keep me amused, & possibly start a thrad such as this =O.
  6. ZeroNightmare

    I was... err... bored.

    it sucks, but i was just messing with this tut on upping render quality, and i hadnt made any beams for a while... and i needed to practice cutting renders, but i just got lazy.
  7. Mr. Phonso

    getting bored...

    dunno if i can do this by im taking up requests for a esf model because im bored. ill prolly finish it soon, so let the requests roll in. *EDIT* i decided to go with cell****
  8. G

    im bored

  9. D

    SOOOO bored....

    well it's been summer for sum time now and im kinda gettin bored. my friends are like not home... and Gunz is gettin old so is jedi academy... so anyone got game sites? free games? ideas for stuff to do... anything
  10. PiXel

    Boredom is sometimes so BORInng (bored pic)

    OK i was bored so i started to do soem **** : 1 pic: i changed the 1 pic to this second pic: and the second pic had been changed to this final third pic: Now tell me what Boredom does to me J/k ! C & C Plz :]
  11. L

    I'm bored and lazy.. sigh..yeah..uhh..I dont know who its supposed to be.. just.. 3 different model's put together -_-
  12. C VON

    bored? check out my stunts vid for bf1942!!

    linkzor!!;2975568;5;/fileinfo.html tell me what you think!
  13. Nuttzy

    got bored, a lil gun modellin

    got bored the other day, and i was target shootin at a can across the room with my airsoft gun when i had the idea to create an airsoft mod, as it would be insanely easy to do cuz most of the code wouldnt have to be touched at all, i aint recruiting though, dont get me wrong, just explaining...
  14. A


    I'm bored here's how to play the game.. You post 2 forum member's for example.. Cucumba vs. Optiprime Cucuma You pic your favorite member out of those 2. And you pic your 2 favorites here's an example dReAm KilLeR vs. Cucuma Cucumba Me vs. Someone Someone Like that.. But...
  15. S

    When your bored you make better stuff.

    I was so bored. -__________-
  16. M

    Layout i made on school when i was bored

    Hey all.. i was wondering what you guys think of the layout i made in about 7 hours. I made the layout on my school when i was bored and it took me 1 full school day (6 hours) and 1 hour the next day. and the result is verry good if you ask me. But well.. here is the layout.. give critics...
  17. C

    Really bored

    REALLLY bored Might do a goten after this
  18. S

    hi, i was bored and made you guys this

    actually i just resiezed and placed them in the right spots with adobe. not really my work at all but w/e might help one of you guys make a model. ;D
  19. L

    FcX Is Friggin BORED

    Im Not At My Home PC Right Now, Im At A Friends, So Since He Doesnt Have Photoshop, OR Milkshape3d, Or Anythin Thats Kinda Fun Other Then Doom3 Wich Is Boring, So I Just Drew Somthing In Paint lol
  20. X

    Bored? Take this Guilty Gear X Quiz

    Well... after taking the quiz I got: I was hoping to get either Johny, Dizzy, or Ino, ah well. It seems a bit accurate... though I donno about the part of me being more like a chick... The quiz is here-