1. Akira714

    "Red sayjin"

    Well, this is a DMZ skin, BUT.... I was bored so I skined one of the "red sayjins" that Spin has all over his site. Anyways since SPIN moderates on this fourm, and that the DMZ and his fourms are down, this would be the place to post this, also becuase Pcjoe likes to critisise my skinning ;)...
  2. L

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know...

    I have now the Program Worldcraft, but i don`t know how to use it and i didn`t understand the Worldcraft help manual. Please can anyone get help for me????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. NightShade

    bored. going crazy :-(

    Heh. i check the site everyday to see maybe they will say bam here is the new beta out of nowhere lol. I am so looking forward to it empire earth my psx2 everquest and all the other games just dont cut it because my mind is always on this beta. heh i need mental help.
  4. E

    im bak and happy to c ya

    k im pretending that since the new forums came in im a copleate n00b and have never been here k, cool hello this mods pretty cool so when i was bored one day i decided to make a quick model for trunks head i made it from a simple head template i made recently so the whole model + skin is...
  5. NightShade

    Bored? need something to do? Dont come here then

    zzzzzzzzz sorry i am bored. Looking for a good game online game. I like sim games or rpgs. I use to be a fan of a game called everquest. but looking for more then that. any ideas? i also have daoc uo and anarchy.
  6. D

    Animating Job

    i sent an email Mastasurf a while ago and asked him, but he never replied... so I am applying now.... i will post a model later with some of my animations....
  7. D

    SSJ Goku

    wow im bored... i have nothing to do so i edited goku... here ya go...
  8. Optimus Prime

    I'm bored so, DMZ BASHING TIME!

    CAN YOU SAY SEXY? AHAHAHAHA hey babay (and im sure im going to get yelled for this, i know its spelled baby so GET OFF MY BACK)... BWAHAHAHA honestly, how can more people play dmz? Krillin? maybe he is a saiyan, check out those monkey ears, can anybody say Donkey Kong...
  9. P

    some good artwork here, NOT A SIG!

    so its cheap looking, i was bored, and i think its funny NEwayz
  10. D


    hey, look at what i made while EXTREMELY BORED... i swear this one took me like 5 minutes...
  11. D

    Wow Im Bored

    if anyone needs a sig, just reply....
  12. D

    Evil Frieza Skin

    i was bored and made this... enjoy... DOWNLOAD
  13. D

    Trunks again?

    i dunno, i was bored last night after the game, so there you go a whole hours worth of making neck and skin edits, all by your friendly neighborhood -|DbZ|-Piccolo.
  14. D

    Haha! Look What I Made!

    well eveyone, it is 11:00pm, i have school 2morrow, and im bored, so i made this. crude but funny. hope this does not affend anyone in any way cuz it is just a lighthearted bit of fun...
  15. GLOsticks R Us

    ^Check out my artwork-sketch skills^

    Its a character I just made up and trying to draw more of, his name is Yugi Kyo and is a EX-Bounty Hunter wanted as a prisoner. I could Only fit is haed in the forums because the file size was too big, and I don't have soemhting to host it with. I have drawn much more other stuff, And I would...
  16. greentaco

    A little bit 'o art...

    Here are some images I made a while ago when I was bored. Crit or anything would be cool. Prospecting Future: Stand Out: -Peace- Noah