1. Element4q2

    SSJ2 Gohan

    I had a look at nuttzy's gohan (the ssj2 version) from a while back. Decided to do what i believe are some improvements: *changed the hair *darkened skin slightly *new skin for face Nuttzy said i could release this as long as i give him credit. Credit: Original model by Nuttzy...
  2. VegetaBigBang

    Big Bang Attack

  3. B

    Deathball,Bigbang,Final flash,kameha,: Which gives more bang for its buck??

    read the topic, i think bigbang but if frezza has a 2 power muti on trans then deathball
  4. F

    Big Bang Attack

    Maybe to improve Big Bang, you could make the explosion yellow. I don't remember any time when Vegeta shot a small blue ball that exploded into a huge blue explosion. However, I DO remember a huge yellow ball that dug itself into the ground and caused a huge yellow explosion.
  5. D

    Questions on creating sounds

    I have a sound recorder and i want to make my own sounds for things that no one ever made before like beam charging sounds and power up sounds. I have a few questions. First--how do u make a sound repeat in the game like if i were making a power up sound, how would i make that into a continous...
  6. L

    LOWER Vegeta's BIG BANG attack!

    TOO many people are being vegeta and doing that big bang attack and its killing 7+ people at a go making it easier to go SSJ. The power this needs to be lowered or atleast equal Gokus Kamahahamaha thing
  7. Bryggz

    a question for anyone who models

    how do i model the front strands of hair (bangs) so that they dont go all crazy when my model is in the middle of an animation? every time i recharge ki.....or charge for an attack, my ussj trunks models bangs go all schitzo on me, anybody know? im sure azn could help me out, since his mystic...
  8. P

    Beginner trouble

    I have started on a goku head. I want to show it but i dont kno how so im asking how ppl put in their work right into the message. Plz help me. Thanx in advance
  9. M

    SBC and Big Bang

    I was playing today and noticed when the SBC and Big Bang go through a ps, both Vegeta and Piccolo can move away mid-way for some reason.. is this a bug or something else? Pics of it (thanks to my friend for hosting it):
  10. S

    Reskin of ssjgoku

    i editted the original skin from the ssjgoku model that comes with esf, lookie what i made (i did NOT make this model nor the skin, i only editted it)
  11. KuBaN

    Big Bang Attack Prob

    I can't believe this has not been noticed (since I don't see it in forums, or in known Alpah 2.0 bugs post)! When Vegeta charges the Big Bang Attack (I sure hope that's what it is called, the blu orb he releases and can't control after) and you're in third person, the hand it's charging from...
  12. S

    Big Bang sound thought....!!

    Didnt know where to put this so here sounds good..... K......I know there is already a sound wave 4 the Big Bang attack but to make it sound a little cooler.....(man that's funny) on the Return of Cooler Movie there is a part where Vegeta shouts "Enough of this!, You'll not make a fool of...
  13. FreeDoM

    Big Bang Attack

    Here's a short little clip with no sound featuring Vegeta's big bang attack. Since it's nothing special and i don't want to hog all of the bandwidth i'm putting it on my little angelfire site. Come in get it while the bandwidth lasts!
  14. Wyatt

    Big Bang

    Hey i was watching a clip of a japanese episode when vegetto turns ssj and fires bigbang at buu. The thing that hbothered me is the factt that it was a beam and not a little tiny blue ball wtf.
  15. Jango*Fett

    Big Bang

    i have been testing some stuff on some esf servers nad it turs out the big bang is the cheapiest attack that and krillins destructo dist. -big bang- 1. a small version of it can fight off a full kamehameha 2. you can run after fireing 3. you can shoot another if it just slows the other blast...
  16. S

    Big bang

    I reckon the dman big bang should be a beam and not a damn ball cause u get damn idiots who use big bang on and u powerstruggle with it and then they charge another big bang and another until u die.
  17. B

    Big Bang Attack

    I was wondering if you guys did any changes to the Big Bang Attack , did you guys change it to looks like an actualy big bang attack instead of a ball , or are you guys gonna keep the same thing? Im not sure if you guys showed it in the screen shots im pretty sure you didnt i dont remember...
  18. G

    Big Bang

    er i dont know if this is the right place to post this :/ but when vegeta does a big bang he sticks his hand out in front of him ( like he's supposed to ) but it's all twisted and looks messed :/ whats up with this :/
  19. S

    Big bang Attack!

    I think that the Big bang should be like a beam and not a ball cause its very cheap in the game everyoen is vegeta and when u power struggle with a big bang they move behind u and then charge another one up killing u so i reckon u should make big bang liek a beam so they cant do this. It would...
  20. M

    Problem with the big bang attack (not the animation)

    if two big bang attacks are launched at eachother just right they can end up with a movement rate of 0 creating a static bomb. this bomb can have additional bigbangs added to it to creating a veritable nest. with a sufficient quantity once they are detonated (by someone flying into them) it...