1. SS4 Gogeta

    Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning

    according to this guy
  2. F

    Big Bang Questions

    Hi, If you remember me, you would know I made a space thread a long time ago. For the past months now, I have been getting myself into alot of space topics. I really am starting to find this entire topic very intresting. I started from scratch, with our planets, solar system, galaxies, and I...
  3. Damaera

    Big Bang Bug?

    Now, I have a question, I'm watching the Return of Cooler, and when Vegeta does Big Bang Attack, I belive 4 words come up before he does BB. The first word I belive is You damned bastard -.- Why not just make it a charging sounnd and then him saying Big Bang Attack?
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Big Bang Sprite! Whats wrong with it...

    Whats wrong with it, no1 will post, and i uploaded it to esf-world and it isnt there, it was a few days ago. Its all animated and it looks good in game.
  5. ZeroNightmare

    New Big Bang Sprite 04/03/05

    Heres my new big bang sprite. Its similiar to my old yellwo sun one. The main ball spins around. There are these spinning crescent moon looking things that go around the tail, and the tail is a small circle with a cutout in the middle, like a ring. I think it looks quite nice in game...
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Big Bang Sprite Budokai 3

    Uh yea... it spins, i couldnt get a good screenshot because it moves fast and all, but i made a gif, it looks pretty good in game, i thought it looked kinda like budokai 3 big bang so i was like eh cool. things are messing up and it...
  7. P

    That bastard Big bang sound!

    Whoever made it, the one out right now= a bastard, why you ask? because it was made a while back, thats copied and therefore stamped *** in my book here is the fool who copied it, hence a copy-cat
  8. Jedi Vegeta

    Budokai 3 Vegetas big bang attack

    Watched the Vegeta vs Trunks video and Noticed they changed the ending of the big bang attack...looks like they cant live on that side of the planet anymore haha. I guess for all those who where hoping the final flash was made the ultimate its gonna bum them out, cuz I dont think there can be a...
  9. Robby

    Suggestion for Big Bang & Finish Buster

    MY RANT CONTINUES! Lol j/kish Anyway about Vegetas Big Bang and Trunks Finish Buster. Vegeta first because hes kick ass 1. Big bang should be see-able and have te following colours lightish orangeish outer color and a yellow inside. and litle particles gathering into it. Its kinda like...
  10. E

    You should be able to see vegeta charging his big bang

    Much like you can see goku/vegeta charge their other beams. It would look cool imo to see the big bang attack charge in the palm of his hand growing bigger and bigger. This also goes for trunk's attack. (I forget the name)
  11. D

    Big bang frenzy ?

    Ok today i was in the coronabytes server and i was fighting someone , he played as vegeta and charged a big bang i simply dodged it but when i wanted to swoop at him he fired another 10 ? 20 ? big bangs at me later on i saw him doing it again must have been 30 big bangs (small ones ) within 5...
  12. N

    big bang sound question

    was this sound taken out of the english dbz series? because i dont remember vegeta saying it in dbz. I remember that he says "big bang attack" against android 19 in the japanese version but he says something like "a little going away present for you" in the english.
  13. T

    Big Bang model ?

    Why isn't Big Bang model star shaped like it's in that "weapon select" screen ?
  14. G

    Spar Power for big BANG. (not the attack)

    Well i know i aint suggestion offen. :D Well here is comes no way back now. Well the suggestion is.... OMG i use "Well" alot... huh i am on ? AAHHHH Well... there is it was again... Here Goes. Suggestion is thad when you is beam stuggling you should beable to hide some Ki and then when...
  15. Cheeto101

    Big Bang Sprite Suggestion

    I just watched the episode where Vegeta kills 19 with the BB,,,and the BB was much more like a sphere, was a bit bigger and was more glowy then the current BB. I just think it would be a cooler visual effect then the current one, and itd go great with the new explosions. (LoL i know i could do...
  16. D

    bang *****

    yo i like the new pics very much but shouldn't be the ball around the two fighting people be more bigger.. :talk:
  17. G

    about vegetas big bang

    i reckon with the big bang you should be able to controle it but not like a beam but with the arow keys so u can use it, to kill people who run, i no big bang is powerful but it would be better cause it is a long charge but it would use a fair deal of ki, and when he does control the big bang...
  18. OubliezJe


    BANG. BY: TANK BANG……..That’s the last thing I remember before it all ended. I was a 16 year old Male. Straight A’s Good in school. Respected anyone. One day I got off task and started taunting a lower 10th grader. Thought it was funny at the...
  19. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Big Bang Kamehameha sprite!

    Im still working on it ... but heres a start ... :) Incase you dont see the right pic refresh or come back later :p comments !
  20. L

    Big bang kamehameha!
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