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    big bang cheapest attack

    This needs to be fixed, the big bang attack is cheap when it is up against a beam weapon in a power struggle it always wins no matter the charge of the beam weapon. And the user of the bigbang(vegeta) is free to move around. I just think that vegeta is way too powerful at the start his attacks...
  2. L

    Bann Big Bang

    i have just been on 5 different servers and everyone had some nobs flying around as vegeta only using big bang now i know it is a actual move but does it have to be so powerfull!!!! im sick of joining servers only to get my really strong kame ha me ha pushed back by some asshole bb spamming,and...
  3. S

    ESF model wrong

    I think many people have noticed this but all models hands are like screwed up major this dosnt look good at all and actually lowers the fun factor a bit (at least for me) Oh and Vegetas hand is also messed up when firin a big bang...