1. Skyrider

    Wii Balance Board?

    I'm wanting to buy a Wii Balance board, but I see there are different kind of sets. Anyone knows which one exactly I should buy?
  2. Vladius


    It's a minor suggestion really I thought that it will be better if some abilities would had a cooldown I'm not talking about all of them now Kamehame, Galitgun, Mouthbeam and other beams should refer to non-cooldown skills But some abilities should have a cooldown, refresh time of 1-5 secs would...
  3. F

    Suggestions about balance (stamina, health, transformations)

    First my apologies to anybody who feels I stole his idea in this suggestions post and I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. Also I'm sorry because it is too long to read. If you don't understand any of the sentences I wrote, let me know, I will try to explain myself better. This...
  4. VideoJinx

    ESF 1.3 Balance Possibilities

    Goal: To think of an idea that would simplify esf while keeping it's depth, thus making it more fun and easier to pick up. Note: I'll post here when I get ideas, feel free to add on suggestions etc. Energy Balls/Beams: I believe energy balls need some type of an auto lock on, similar...
  5. john_volkov

    attack sugestion for players maybe balance ideeas

    Balacing and Beam's ideea : 1)Buu Buu's candy beam attack sould be more like Frieza Laser Finger KidBuu sould have a strong Ball attack (similer to Goku Spirit Bomb) and Kamehameha SuperBuu Genocyd Attack sould be something like in anime only a big charge time and drain almost all Ki from...
  6. Arsenovicius

    Lag Balance

    Well i'v seen many mods so far and i think that esf need to be more balanced.. i mean if you play ex. team fortress with over then 140 ping is like playing esf with 90... that would be the best improve for my opinion.. (If it is not too late..)
  7. john_volkov

    Buu balance sugestion's

    So evry one want's buu to be more balance so here r some idee's i think the team already balance it but maybe they can get some idee's from here FatBuu 1 000 000 PL starting asscending at 2 500 000 Speed 220 Life 160 So the enemy's will be like this Frieza 800 000 Cell 900 000 Buu...
  8. john_volkov

    Dragon Ball Z balance ?Tru or False

    Well i was thinking about this what if DB was balance ? let's see a fight here Kidbuu vs Goku SSJ 3 Goku SSJ 3 was strong even stronger then buu in the show right ? But When Buu Absorb Gotenks and Picolo SSJ 3 and Mystical Gohan had no chanse , and in Kid Buu Form , Goku sayid theat buu was...
  9. S

    Total Payer Balance

    Total Player balance -Every character starts off at the same exact speed... but they all have different powerlevels.. -As their power level increases so does their speed. -Each player has a specific cap(limit) on the fastest speed possible for a player's first form. To unleash New...
  10. $sj Goku

    Balance Beam Jump Fix [and ground melee]

    Ok the way the beam jump is now :/ its just too cheap you can get away way to easily..(very unbalanced) How i think it should be for 1.3 -You must hold Jump before beaming to engage the beam jump. If you let go of jump before it touches the ground the beam breaks -AFter holding jump and...
  11. N

    Something to consider in terms of charecter balance

    If we take a look at every charecter, almost all of them have an instant attack. Goku, Cell, and Krillin all have the solar flare. Gohan's got the shield attack. Freiza has the fingerlaser, and Piccolo has the eyelaser. Buu has the candybeam. So, all them aside, Vegeta and Trunks are the...
  12. OubliezJe

    Balance: Universe. My latest WP

    Here is my Finished Version of Blance : Universe. I posted a while ago another version but this is the finished Version. It was finished a while ago, but im just now getting around to posting it. C&C Are very welcome :). This is my first Space picture. This i feel pretty proud about cause it was...
  13. VuLLs

    character balance

    heres a few suggestions that are my opinion, and not to be taken to heart and/or flamed by people that dislike change, for change is always a better thing in life... im currently playing 1.2.1 patch and... first off the lazer eye of piccolo and the lazer finger of frieza need to be...
  14. R

    More ideas (Please help balance them)

    All of these are seperate plz dont think of them as all being in the game at once. 1. Dual Beam Attack I know this can be done without the team interfering, but it's kinda hard to do. When I was playing with my friend in Team DM (on the same team) we both charged a beam and fired it at the...
  15. Goten-son

    Buu's Balance

    Is it just me or does buu seem to have quite a big advantage in esf?, heres what i suggest on him, make his candy attack last for a few seconds per attack, and make it have a small delay to help stop the spamming of this attack, make his mouthblast a lil longer to charge up so this can be...
  16. Ravendust

    Balance vs Realism

    Is ESF supposed to be balanced or true to the show? There are lots of threads on this forum that start with an idea from an ep of DBZ and get chewed out because it would make it unbalanced. I say so what? DBZ was unbalanced, It took Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta and Goku to take down Frieza, that was...
  17. M

    all chara.s should get more life+KI - and to balance - trans occures later 2! ETC...

    This suggestion is just to make the game more interesting if needed I can give bilion examples and by that gain the supportation of the old saying - "MAKING ESF MORE DBZLIKE!!!" all character should get lets say A=A*X while A=theirPL\HP\TransTime.... this wont make them stronger I mean if...
  18. P

    Vegeta's kiblast - balance problem

    Renzokuken SUCKS - it fires six balls in the time it takes most characters to rattle off 12 w/ the alternate fire, it takes the same amount of time for him to charge it up as it does for him to just fire off 6, so why even use renzokuken besides for looks, it is more effective to just secondary...
  19. H

    Naruto Wallpaper

  20. E

    How to auto balance ?

    How to auto balance players in both teams ? Does ESF support "mp_autoteambalance" cvar ? thx.