1. Ravendust

    New Attacks + Improvements for Vegeta

    Final Flash Ball: During the fight between SS2 Majin Vegeta and SS2 Goku, Vegeta fires a Final Flash at Goku, except it's a giant golden sphere instead of the traditional beam. Basically it would work as the secondary fire in the same way as the Generic Beam/Generic Ball, only obviously...
  2. S

    Buus attacks. (kid)

    i think for kid buu, how he does a suicide bomb, he should be able to expload like that and regeneraiting but u lose 10 life force every time you use, but takes all ur ki energy, this attack can only hurt people if you are in a close attacking range. another form which is the 3rd form b4 kid...
  3. Ravendust

    Two NEW Attacks for Piccolo

    So yeah, I was watching Dragonball earlier and noticed he used quite a few moves that aren't well known because he doesn't use them in Z. They are used by Junior Piccolo not King Piccolo. Seeing as Piccolo is currently a bit underpowered I thought it would be nice to give him these, both are...
  4. 009

    DBZ attacks

    I have bin out tried find some attacks for esf they could use maybe... :laff: I post some links to some sites where you see attacks of the char. in dbz episodes...
  5. E

    Charging Attacks while Swooping

    In movie 13, (as an example), Gohan is swooping around to avoid Hirudegarn, and charges a Ki ball, then throws it at Hirudegarn. He does this once or twice. Do you think you could maybe add this feature in to 1.3?
  6. samurai^Kurai

    Powering up after BigBang/Other strong non beam attacks

    when your powerup imediatly after you shot a bigbang/ other strong non beam attacks (dont know exacly which, but spiritbomb has that bug also) it takes some time for the model to change the animation. so the model stays in the shot animation while there is already that powerup sprite around it.
  7. H

    Attacks, Explosions.

    Wich attacks get noticable bigger explosions and splash damage when u got alot more Ki? And if they get bigger, do they keep growing like ur Ki? Or does the explosions stop growing after a certain ammount of Ki?
  8. S

    A Few Ideas for Attacks

    I have some ideas with which could be used for future ESF mod patches. If i have used some ideas that others have thought of before, I apologize for not reading your thread about it... (i will issue more ideas later) Cell: Absorption - A grabbing attack for cell. You just do something like...
  9. D

    What New Attacks?

    For the ppl that knows me, after ALOT of H.W (Ho*e Wo*k) im back (Just fo now:)) As you well know (or not), the plan of version 1.3 (well... not the plan for sure.. just maybe..) is new attacks and players. What new attack do you think that the exiciting players going to have? -Goku -Gohan...
  10. V

    Another of Vegeta's attacks

    In the buu saga when majin vegeta and goku are fighting, vegeta shoots several energy rings at goku's arms, legs and neck which restrain him to the side of the cliff. This would be a great move although issues of balance would have to be solved. Maybe it would need a certain charge time or no...
  11. W

    Big tree attacks

    Help! The frieza disc has turned into a big tree!? How do i fix this?
  12. Reptile

    Beam attacks.

    Hi, I know this has been suggested over time, but since i can only search once every xx seconds i couldnt find any threads about it and couldnt find my answer. what i would like to know is, if the team is changing the splash damage that beams have. its to fricking irritating that you are...
  13. imported_Lone_WolF

    What attacks will ginyu have???

    i was just wondering....what attacks will ginyu use on 1.3??? dbz he had like body change...that will very cool if he can swap his body for a few sec :laff:
  14. Jumin

    Attacks and their names..

    Reading through the manual and other posts.. i've become confused as what attacks they're talking about and what number they correspond to... i got the numbers for melee, kamehameha, solar flare, and spirit bomb.. but what are the other attacks? could someone explain the attacks what they people...
  15. P

    How do I do special attacks (KI etc.)

    Hi everyone! I´m playin the first time esf and just want to know how to do a special attack! beams, combos etc! i looked in the manual but it couldn´t help! THX
  16. Vuk

    Why are some attacks stronger in this game and weaker in some other game

    I compared Budokai and esf.I know they are not the same but the concept of the game is.There both based on same characters and abillitites of thos characters.... Like in Budokai Big bang owns and final flash ..well...doesnt.And in esf is tottaly different. In esf Burning attack sucks and in...
  17. Mr. Satans

    Fix Trunks' Attacks

    When are Trunks' attacks going to be fixed? Burning Attack = "Ball" Finishing Buster = Beam In-Game they are just the opposite. I know this was realized ages ago but I have seen no effort for it to be 'fixed'
  18. K


    I was thinking before i went to sleep last night, and i thought id post it on the forums. Ok, say you're vegeta, when hes normal saiya-jin he can do a gallit gun. but when he goes SSJ he's able to do Big Bang and final flash. now what's stopping him from not being able to do his attacks...
  19. S

    Vegeta, and Frieza's attacks.

    Vegeta's Renzoku: Why not just make it faster than all the other characters Renzoku, instead of this charge stuff. I know in the show he charged it, but this way I kind of think it works better. Frieza's Finger Laser: I kind of think its a waste to have a single shot, and then you have to...
  20. O

    More attacks!

    I think that esf needs a lot of new attacks. Why? Because it isn't to use allways the same attacks. Of course, if there are too many attacks for one character, it's boring cuz you'll need 2 hours to find the attack you wanted to use. I thought that if we add a new attack for each normal charcter...