1. Son Gogeta

    Just some quick questions! (ALOT)

    First off here's some questions about the maps: Will Hell (as seen in Fusion Reborn), a generic Ruined City, or King Kai's Planet make an appearance as maps? Will Trunks use his sword and will he be a separate character from him after his time training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Now for...
  2. W

    implenting beam attacks in SX

    hello, after days of thinking and hours of trying and testing, I'm finally out of ideas and everything else. I'm creating a special attack using special xtension and some of amxx+other module include files, but I can't anyhow "RECREATE" an existing attack. In other words, I am trying to create...
  3. L

    Energy Attacks Shortcuts

    Pretty simple idea and in my opinion could prove useful. With this, we would have 2 ways of shooting attacks. One would be scrolling trough the attacks and pressing left mouse button. The second would be BINDING those attacks to a key on they re own. For example I could choose to bind...
  4. E

    Picollo And , Cell special attacks- cell saga.

    In dragon ball z cell saga , picollo fighting against no.17 , then cell is show up , and try to absorb no.17 - that's the first suggestion , i mean cell can absorb people to take the power from people or androids , its would to be cool. Picollo did some STRONG attack in this episode , cell is...
  5. Damaera

    North Korea attacks South Korea

    I think the world would be better off if we either destroyed North Korea, or managed to completely block it from every other country on the planet.
  6. tuty

    ESF Special Attacks Compatible with AMXX 1.8.*and PL Changer!!!!

    :paper: Okay, I wrote my LAST Amxx Code for ESF 1.2.3! I work a lot on this code, possible bugs remain but i think aren't -_- A key is autobinded for .ESFSpecialAttack and this key is '/' but you can remove it in code with other key! If you want more details about using attacks press HELP...
  7. karatepig

    Team attacks!

    I think that you should be able to do 2 diffrent attacks one you do by your self and one with 2 players with one beam attack. And also that anyone should be albe to give energy to a spirit bomb but if it is to much energy i can explode because of the unstability. But if 2 players to a energy...
  8. Disguise

    Differences in attacks

    Lovin the updates guys. ESF has really come a long way in a short time with the camera angles being added and what not. It's amazing really. I'm interested in knowing what I can't see though. Have you guys determined what the differences between the attacks will be? Like why pick one throw...
  9. E

    State of projectile attacks, 1.3 and beyond

    First of all, I haven't been following the "top" scene since I've quit, but I've returned to at least shape up a bit before 1.3 release. I was introduced to the "pro" scene by Kartsah about 4 years ago and back then besides the -125 hp combo we all abused, pretty much all that was used was basic...
  10. dman86

    Deadly attacks

    Title says it all.. I have an example : Frieza attacks Goku with his Discs, but unfortunately got sliced with his own attack. Vegeta attacks Perfect Cell with his Final Flash. Cell lose his arm, but regenerate again. I think it's very difficult to do this, but it's just a suggestion...
  11. Mous4u

    Counter Attacks

    this makes gameplay look good lol ok here is the idea when you start doing melee your opponent starts punching and you got to dodge once you dodge the last one you jump up 1metre high and then just punch him in the head thats kinda makes gameplay look good
  12. Otpidarp


    is this big kamehameha a beam attack or a ball attack ?
  13. Disguise

    Animations for blocking Ki Attacks

    I was just thinking it'd be cool if the animation used to block a ki attack depended on how strong it was in comparison to you. If it was a strong attack that you'd have a slim chance of winning against, then you'd put one foot behind you and the other in front to brace, hip turned to the side...
  14. N

    Lockup on impact of energy attacks

    If I start a battle, and I use an energy attack of any kind, most of the time the game will freeze just before impact, and it will loop the impact sound. This bug does not occur every time I use an energy attack, but it always happens before I have earnt enough points to ascend. I have tried...
  15. john_volkov

    Attacks with a new kick

    telekinesis if the player HP is below 30 HP you could use your telekinesis to blow him up only if it's below 30 HP Cell Tail Attak during melee if the player is below 20 or 30 HP you could use tail attack similer to sword attack for a instat kill , this kill will give you a 500 000 ki points...
  16. Disguise

    should kiblob attacks reduce stamina?

    It'd give the move potential to set up a finishing attack if the person was low enough (like a kiblob did in the last version) and some purpose in using it. Otherwise I can see people favoring a ki blast instead.
  17. M

    Non beam attacks idea

    Would it save time to make moves like BigBang Finish Buster and Spritbomb in to models instead of sprites. I mean sprites are moveble but non beam trail weapons are not moveble so my suggestion is make the named attacks models
  18. Darth Revan

    Non beam attacks idea

    Would it save time to make moves like BigBang Finish Buster and Spritbomb in to models instead of sprites. I mean sprites are moveble but non beam trail weapons are not moveble so my suggestion is make the named attacks models
  19. M

    U.S. Continues Pakistan Border Attacks

  20. V

    Energy attacks on bots

    Hi I can not shoot energy attacks at bots. When i do that than the game freezes.:cry: please help thanks Vegeta