1. Grega

    News update: Aug 2 2010 - blend animations

    Two new systems have been developed that will allow ESF to have smoother animations; vertex weights and animation blends. Vertex Weights: Allows a vertex to be influenced by one or more bones. By assigning a percent value to each "weight" the system determines how much a vertex is...
  2. SG_SSJ!

    Is there a way to put 1.2 models animations on OBF models?

    Is there a way to put 1.2 models animations on OBF models?
  3. Flink_Power

    Cell Bug Open Beta 1.3

    What's is this bug in the ESF 1.3 Open Beta? It's a animations bug?:
  4. N

    Replacing default ESF powerup/turbo animations with those in ECX

    So I was wondering... how can I replace the default powerup (e key) animation and the default turbo (t key) animation in ESF with the powerup/turbo animations from ECX? I tried doing this earlier today, but nothing I did seemed to work.
  5. Damaera

    New Goku Animations

    <hr /><center><a href=""><img src=""></a> <hr />Last week we showed something different, yet enjoyable: a render showing off the latest additions to Goku. Most of the fans...
  6. Disguise

    Animations for blocking Ki Attacks

    I was just thinking it'd be cool if the animation used to block a ki attack depended on how strong it was in comparison to you. If it was a strong attack that you'd have a slim chance of winning against, then you'd put one foot behind you and the other in front to brace, hip turned to the side...
  7. G

    pewpew animations

    two of a few animations ive been doing for uni today. Thought I'd post them for some feedback, since I dont normally animate :S
  8. ESCachuli

    gohan animations

    could you make that when gohan fires kamehameha in normal and in ssj forms, do it with both hands? because he does it with only the right hand. in ssj2 is good (better if he has super kamehameha, but...(he has only 2 special and own attacks)). Thanks
  9. Damaera

    Damaera's Animations

    Idle: Some Tien animations: If you have HLMV, check these out.
  10. Snowm@n


    Cant picollo's and trunk's animations get a little better of what they are? I see great animations on majin buu, goku and others but, picollo and trunks dont even have diferent animations for dash and swoop...theirs are the same one. When you swoop charge and press a direction, usually in most...
  11. MinioN

    Stick animations

    Hey guys i am trying to make some really good stick movie like Xiao Xiao series or something like this one .I got Macromedia Flash 8 but its immposible to do that with it.Is there any other programs?
  12. vinay87

    Model Animations question

    I'm a real n00b when it come to models, but there's been this thing thats bugging me. Forgive me for the n00bishness.o_o Anyway, is it possible to rip animations from one model and put them into another? For instance, is it possible to put 1.2 anims for the 1.3 Goku? If it is, could...
  13. F

    Goku animations

    I think that Goku should get a walk animation similar to that of Picolo or Vegeta's old one cause his current one kind of looks weird. I also think that his walljump foward animation should be similar to that of Krillin.
  14. O

    Scattershot, animations, sliced models

    When you stop one of the scattershot's blasts in the water, you can still see bubbles coming out of it. I know the animations are not yet done, but I have reported this in 1.2.3 and it hasn't been fixed. When you kill yourself with a generic ball (just stand on the ground and aim down) there is...
  15. S

    Sound & Animations

    Sound: How about adding a sound (like "Haaaaaa..") when your powering up to make ESF more DBZ like.Also a sound when in powerstruggle like "Arrrgghh.." or something. As for Cell, Freeza & Buu, i think that they should have diffrent sound packs for evry transformation, like in the...
  16. T

    Death Animations.

    Personally I find the death animations in ESF to be somewhat lacking. They dont bring any excitement to the player, and it sort of takes me out of the game whenever I see them. They are very basic and could use the upgrades. I thought of some ideas for some death animations that could...
  17. ~Dark Trunks~

    1.1 Animations

    I was wondering is there any way to import 1.1 animations to 1.2. Reason for this is because i would like to use the sword animations from 1.1 and use them for Trunks basic melee for 1.2. If anyone knows if this is possible or knows how to do this please let me know. And also i dont know if this...
  18. Mccdbz5

    Different animations for different hits

    Well, this suggestion is more for eyecandy than chaning the gameplay so, just to let you know. Ok, here is my idea: Having different basic melee animations for other hits: Basically, I'm saying this. Say you hit someone with basic melee, and you go to get your second hit, well, maybe the...
  19. Mccdbz5

    Question about Trunks's Basic Melee animations in 1.3

    Well if you remember in 1.2, all of Trunk's basic melee attacks are with fists, and none are with his sword, you have to do advanced melee if you want to ue his sword. Now my question is, in 1.3, will any of Trunk's basic melee hits involve him using his sword instead of his fists? I already...
  20. Vegeta

    [1.3] Vegeta - Transformations, Attacks, Animations, Skin

    -I read the 1.3 outline and it didn't contain anything on Vegeta or Majin Vegeta - Transformations & Attacks ~If I'm mistaken, please direct me to what I may have overlooked. I'm not going to run through 3 or 4 pages of topics to find a thread on 1.3's Vegeta and his transformations...