1. J

    Yummie new animations.... just messing about with custom animations to put into JA, this is a work in progress of a taunt animation i wanna use =]
  2. Almighty_Gir

    Yummie new animations.... just messing about with custom animations to put into JA, this is a work in progress of a taunt animation i wanna use =]
  3. Deathshot

    Ok i dont need Animations any more... I need a Modeling Team

    Ok Me and my Friend Sn!perwolf are making a SSJ4 Plugin but not as good as evossj4's ... We need a modeling team to make us some models .. We need a Brolly and Janemba
  4. Nuttzy

    want toi know how to edit skeletons without fudging the animations?

    kk, i was recently asked by the BTL team to assign a few of their models. skiwan was worried that the tail on his ssj4 goku would be stuck in a static position due to the fact that under normal conditions you cannot add new bones to an existing skeleton without it messing with some other part of...
  5. BinC

    My animations?

    My animations! Allllright... First time I posted here I didn't really introduce myself and just showed an incomplete model that I never finished. Uh, i'm me and hi :laff: . Um, i'm not entirely sure but i'm guessing this would be the right place to put any animations since the tien...
  6. G

    a few animations made by myself - is always fun to find about new stuff

    CREDITS to D2 for the model just playing around in 3DSM again, crits will be nice what Goku makes when he is tired of waiting and he has nothing to do...
  7. -/Raiden\-

    New model on the old animations

    Hi! I am newly it disem forum and hope yoe can help me I m sorry for my bad English :laff: Can you say how i get the animations of old esf model on a new model??? fuer die deutschen forum leser!!!!!! Koennt ihr mir sagen wie ich die animationen eines alten esf models auf...

    Problems with textures sprites and animations

    Hey all i love playing esf buh since i got me new comp ive been haveing probs such as when i powerup those cool stone things that float up are incased in a red block :( or when i double tap a button to fly fast the charecter looks like hes been put in a blender. Also this is the bog one that...
  9. K


    I was wondering if anyone new of a program that can make a animated gif out of a avi video file?
  10. Moravik

    New Skeleton and Animations

    Great lookin models there Darktooth. Such smooth running and walking :yes: It's always the little eye candy that makes the game just that much better. :]
  11. imkongkong

    darktooths' buu animations

    i was doing buu's swimming back and it was way off.. but i looked at it and it reminded me so much of buu.. buu is like puddy and im suggesting he'd act like it too.. for instance, when dodging, he can extend parts of his body to dodge it.. he can move his entire body to bend to the side, his...
  12. I

    Blocking Animations

    Hi there Simple ie When Goku is blocking the Sprit Bomb instead of crossing his arms and blocking maybe you could him pushing the Sprit Bomb if win the struggle then he could punch it away. Also you could have disc struggle as well if win you chuck it back at them. Thanks
  13. R

    What do you use to make animations?

    Do you use the modeling program or a seperate one?
  14. davidhalo


    Here's some quick animations I made, each one took around 20 minutes a piece to make. Just to show that I can actually animate and umm to show how fast I can pull them out. Made in 3ds Max 5 using default biped. I think I'll make another batch tonight and maybe someday get my lazy ass up and...
  15. F

    BETTER "Sliced Models" ANIMATIONS!!!

    When they get cut in half ....They plonk FASTLY To a random direction and the fall smoothly,in the cartoon they pause for a second and slowly slide apart and fall slowly or normally..It feels like they skip a frame when they do now..Take that episode when Trunks cut Frieza a thousand time fold...
  16. Hellhound

    Better Stun animations

    Well I was thinking about the stun time. Well this idea will at the end maybe rejected. (Like all my other ideas :S ) Well while you charge your combo how about if the two charachers do some fast moving attacks to each other and also bloking em, these do not any damage but just make it look...
  17. Hellhound

    Smooth Running Animations

    Well like the title say. How about some smooth running animations, the would be alot beter in esf 1.3, because it look's stupid if you run forward and the back. Whe got our smooth flying animations so smooth running animations can't be that hard.
  18. Wolf

    Custome animations?

    i was wondering for those that animate, like me, can replace some animations in 1.2 as easy as i can in 1.1? or if there a new way of imputing them or are they still basic smd's and QCs. not saying that 1.2 animations are going to suck, just a thought i had off the top of my head.
  19. S

    The Advanced Melee Animations

    ok, so only to sum it up, how many animations were done for advanced melee so far? did all the character got a combo that is unique for them? or do all use the same animations? will there be only generic kicks and punches, or will there be sidekicks, dropkicks, backflip kick, chinpunches...
  20. TwisteR

    Sounds with model animations

    I read a good while ago about a way to edit the QC file of a model to make it play a cerain sound when an animation runs. how do you do this? ive tried adding the sound extension to the animation line in the qc file and it wont compile right. (ex. $sequence ref_shoot_solarflare...