1. Darth Revan

    Neil Armstrong Dies At Age 82
  2. Sting

    Average Age on the forum

    Lets see whats the average age on the forum. So my request not to screw this one up in to a spam post. How to do is very simple. I am 33 so the average level for this post is now 33. When some one is 17 and post his age we have a total of age of 50 with 2 persons that means the average...
  3. Shadi

    Sub, welcome to the age of ... 23!

    Starting to get really old, huh, Sub? :smile: I hope you had a fanstastic day! I'm slightly disappointed that no one made this thread :/ (Sorry for being late, Sub!)
  4. Mkilbride

    The Creator of C & Unix dies, age 70. Sucks, be basically made the software scene what it is today. Yet Steve Jobs gets all the news coverage in the world. Despite this guy being far more important to the tech world than Jobs ever was.
  5. A

    Dragon Ball: GAME PROJECT AGE 2011

    In before Dragon Ball Z fighting games are all the same. In before the franchise is being milked. In before biased negative opinions.
  6. Spunky

    Dragon Age 2

    I'm surprised there's no thread. I'm pretty far into it and having great fun. I don't understand the hate. Not much has changed aside from the playable races thing.
  7. Mkilbride

    Age of Empires III for 10 cents only - GFWL Contains all expansions & content packs.
  8. C

    Dragon Age 2: Pre-Ordering from a Site.

    Ok, ive recently decided to spend over half of my allowance money (i get 10 euro per week since like 1 month ago) to pre-order Dragon Age 2. Ive looked at the sites and i have decided for the EA Online Store. However, i am not sure if its trusted or not. They say that the game is digitally...
  9. M

    Dragon Age 2 Announced

  10. Nemix


    How old are you guys :P xD I'm 15 ^^
  11. Damaera

    Dragon Age: Origins

    So Dragon Age: Origins just came out yesterday and it's apparently really good. I still have yet to grab it, but I'm definitely going to get it soon. Not sure if I'll enjoy the MMO aspect to it, but I'm sure it'll still be fun. Anyone have this yet?
  12. DiebytheSword

    Headed for another Ice Age? Better crank up the CO^2 emmisions. Some gems from the blog: Keep in mind, while this is a blog, it is summarizing news releases from several sources. Discuss!
  13. wheres_

    (x / 2) + 7 = Acceptable age difference?

    Anyway, just wondering what the internet thinks about age differences in relationships- and also if I should bone a smokin 28 year old, while I'm 20.
  14. Zeonix

    Potential Mini-Ice Age on the Horizon

  15. -Origin

    Age of Conan

    Who's playing and on what server? I play a Tempest of Set and a Demonologist on Fury (PvP) Server. Fun game, still a bit bugged but it's been out for 2 weeks, so. :P
  16. SailorAlea

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

    Has anybody picked this up yet? I bought it tonight; installing it now. Great to finally see an M-rated MMO with blood/some nudity/etc. Not that that's all that matters--but I want a more mature themed game. Tired of the "PG-13" fantasy that has incorporated itself into nearly every mainstream...
  17. ZeroNightmare

    TV Show: Guitar-Through the Electric Age

    anyone seen it? i forgot what the complete name was, but it was something about guitars: through the electric age. it talks about all the great guitarists and how gibson and fender came to be, and jimi jendrix, satriani, vai, bb king, abunch of people. its a cool watch. anyone happen to...
  18. ZeroNightmare

    Age of Empires

    who played age of empires? its a pretty cool rts game that spawns back quite a ways, it requires you acquire rescources and build units, and you purchase upgrades that advance you through the ages, such as the stoneage to the coinage, to the medieval to imperial age. its pretty cool game. i...
  19. Rayos


    Anyone here play this game? Looking for partners//opponents to play. It is still a small community at times 1000-2000 people playing online...bigger than esf >.> >.> <.< <.< but just wondering if you do play, what civ do you go and what lvl personally i am a dutch fan just for the fact...
  20. sub

    Age of Empries III demo released

    They released an Age of Empires III Demo Link - I'm downloading now, hopefully it'll run on my computer o_o