1. DragonDude

    Your Age On Other Planets I'm on pensioner on Mercury, yet a toddler on Uranus. =O
  2. D

    DBZ: New Age RPG

    I and a couple of friends of mine are currently in the process of creating a DBZ based website RPG and forum RPG. As of now the foundation for this RPG is still being built, along with the website. The forums are currently up but lack topics and members (join if you'd like). Basicly all actions...
  3. Delusional


    It seems that in this community...people determine everything about a person, primarly by age. This bothers me, since I am Mature, and intelligent, yet if i tell someone my age, they will label me as a "kid". This is something i just had to say, it was really bothering me... If a person...
  4. CM

    Age of Empires III announced! The water looks like freaking HL2 water... it looks FANTASTIC! Hopefully it comes out just in time for my new PC. They report that AOE3 will use Havok physics, same as the ones in HL2. KICKASS!
  5. Cold Steel

    [MANGA] Will he finally age ? *naruto spoilers*

    Well, from what i've read in the manga, there's going to be training for 3 years. They probably will not show the entire 3 years of training, and with the kakashi gaiden chapter showing up in the middle, I think we'll get to see an aged Naruto in the next chapter. What do you guys think ? I...
  6. E

    Kings of Chaos age 2

    yo age 2 of Kings of Chaos has started, JOIN MAH ARMY!!! *link deleted*
  7. I

    Buu Saga Vegeta WIP

    it started a while back when i was making goku... well i decided to make goku and vegeta from the buu saga... then i said... forget goku he's no good character anyway... so i did Vegeta TADA! Ok.. Ok... Ive accidently deleted my goku model when i was cleaning out of my "My Documents...
  8. Silver.Nikan.

    My Creative Day

    I've made some cool things, I'm proud of my work.. Rate them plz ( This is no rip work , everything is made by me ) Also Check my new Sig & Ava :laff:
  9. L


    Hi, Im having a prob with my map. It compiles ok, but when i start the map i can only go into spec. If i choose a team or a character, it restarts the map. Any ideas?
  10. Gangster464

    In whos place does gogeta go ?

    Sup guys , I just downloaded the gogeta model but i dont know whos place he needs to takes is it trunks, cell who? Oh yeah and lets say i just put gogeta on cells place is gogeta going to have the moves that cell had or does he already come with his own moves and sounds and stuff or no? Oh yeah...
  11. Hawki_ice

    One Must Fall 2097 - Shadow

    UPDATES BELOW WIP might take me a wile its not an easy robot 2 model >.< What the Shadow looks like!
  12. Z

    Arctic Goku ready to compile and load!

    Ok I made an Arctic SSJ Goku I skinned him myself (Chest from arctic from CS) I compile it crashes.... Need someone to compile it Forgot who made the SSJ Goku Model so please tell me. url deleted by s-bolt-- because of 56k unfriendly
  13. TeKNiK

    My First Wallpaper..Matrix :P

    Ok I decided to try and to make a Wallpaper and since it was going to be my first i went wit something easy like the matrix so i decided to see what you guys think I kept things simple and I think it doesnt look too bad...
  14. Effigy

    An age old question

    I know this has been asked everywhere for eternity but is there anywhere or anyone in which i could get a .com, .net or .org domain from?! id pay but theres the problem of being 16 and absolutely broke :cry: (the purpose of the site is for A DBZ mmorpg)
  15. MinesSkylineR34

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi WP

    woohoo 10 minutes of nothing hehehe
  16. grOOvy

    ESF Real Life Mural =)

    Welcome to the ESF Real Life Web Mural! \o/ Ok, I've been collecting pics from forum users, IRC users, Beta Testers, Team Members and Forum staff (everyone, heh =P). And this project is basically a 3200x2400 sized mural, which contains real life pics cut away and put in nicely into one huge...
  17. Rebirah

    2nd esf forums group pic

    Im not even closed to being finished.. Tell me if u wanna be in it as well ^_^ and yes yes.. I did start this because of dudeman...:/ EDIT: added a watery background EDIT2: Added My5tIcDrAg0n as an evo 8 :)
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    show your mspaint skills

    like the topic says post a mspaint drawing u have done
  19. suicidal_maniac

    Forum Art

    Heres some original art i made for forum use. Feel free to use these however you please without any respects paid to me. I will post a few more of mine later.
  20. Viki@killer


    Hey,guys where to download esf_orbit?I tried on File Front,P2P,and other mirrors,but not working(i founded that map on dmc.flagrun.(net or com).Please,tell me???And in esf or nc_battlegrounds,how to go on the second stage of map??? :cry: