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Thread: Sig Rules. Read First

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    Default Re: Sig Rules. Read First

    Originally posted by Deverz
    The rules for sigs are as follow

    Size should be kept in 600x200(WxH) as usual
    The maxium size for sigs is 100kb. (This may go down)

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    what do you need to put the sig on the forum?????
    please tell me!!

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    Omg... this has turned into a general help forum.. and all the n00bs seem to be flocking from all forums to post here :S Half the stuff they are asking about has been answered a few posts up.. I get the feeling of lockage on this thread

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    well lets see if mine works

    i know prob
    don't be haten mods :P

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    What are the guidelines for flash sigs? Or are they allowed?

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    Should work out some rules for them

    But for now the same rules as normal sigs but only 1 flash sig in your sig

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    hmmm, my sigs dont work, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!!!!!!

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    can someone please put me in the sig makers list. just asking.

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