1. Damaera

    Over 700 killed in multiple predator strikes in 2009

    I'm just going to go ahead and quote the article from another thread I found this on. The sad part about this? Most of the deaths were civilians. I don't know what to think. I know that this is war and all, but this is just pretty ****ed up.
  2. Skyrider

    Software to automatic cut audio in multiple parts.

    Do any of you know a need software which is able to cut a (example) 8 hours long audio mp3 (no movie) in to multiple parts automatically, such as 15min per and creates an MP3 out of it?
  3. Damaera

    Half-Life 1 Poly Limit - without having to split a model into multiple objects

    Did this for GG just now, might as well post it here for the modelers who are curious about what the limit is.
  4. hleV

    Multiple Block Struggle

    Since there is multiple PS, why not add multiple BS (also with a CVAR)? When one player is in BS, you can help him to reflect the beam by being next to him and blocking. The max players in BS should depend on how big the beam head is.
  5. Ghost_Ryder

    Multiple Files Submissions from ESF-World

    MatiasGs Hud: Download: SonGohans PowerKamehameha: Download: Shield Sprites: Download...
  6. Brutalis1991

    Multiple crash problems

    I have just bought Half-life 1 on my steam account after seeing this on the mods section on steam shop........this looked really awesome, so i have been playing it.... I really enjoy it so far, but I either cannot connect to a server sometimes because ill have an error pop up saying something...
  7. V

    I have Multiple Suggestions

    Here they are 1. Dual Kamehameha For Goku SSJ3 I know you guys dont like adding GT things to the game but I believe that was the best attack of the entire series. 2. Destructible Environments. Nothing is better than throwing Frieza's Death ball at someone and they trying to block it getting...
  8. M

    Vegeta Signature - Multiple Variations

    Linear Light: Vivid Light: Hard Light: Multiply: I accidentally left out the border, so take points away from that if you wish. I'm not good at making signatures, but I'm willing to improve, so please give constructive criticism on what I should improve on.
  9. M

    multiple times basicmele

    Today when i was playing on some internet server one of the players taught me how to do 3x basicmele. After few tries finally I did it. I host local game server, because i wanted to practise with bots. Then I found out that it's impossible to do basicmele more than twice on bots. I just could't...
  10. M

    Nintendo Sets Multiple Sales Records

    Before I quote the article, this isn't about which console/hand-held is better. I'm not quoting it to rub in anyones faces, I could care less which console/hand-held is better. I just thought this was something interesting. Source:
  11. Skyrider

    FTP Program that can send multiple files.

    I'm looking for a FTP Program that can send / download multiple times at once. Most FTP Programs just uploads one file at a time, but that really goes slow if you have to upload loads of files. Anyone knows one?
  12. Ouchyz

    Multiple Kicks??

    I keep getting owned by this multiple kick move where the person kicks u rapidly to death. Can somone please explain to me how to do this. whenever i ask somone on esf how they ignore me....
  13. M

    About multiple struggling

    Well maybe someone sugested it before but since i'm playing esf since 1.1 version it would big advantage if you guys would make multiple BLOCK struggling, dunno how to explain it properly but for example me and my friend are playing in one team and a MUCH stronger oponent is playing in another...
  14. Slaxor

    Multiple Trans-bars

    Some eyecandy. Something new for 1.3 perhaps? Example : This would help keep track of your transformations, yes? Another possibility for this would be that you could select what trans. you'd like instead of having to go through them all (but that...
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Multiple Sprite Suggestions

    Explosions. I think each signature move should haev a unique explosion sprite, that way my kameha/gallit gun doesnt have to share wiith blue / purple gen beams. Deathball. One, make the attatchment point a little higher, sort of like spirit bomb, so its not in the way. Make the ball...
  16. |Overlord|

    Multiple personality disorder

    some doctor guy i just had an appointment with said there is a chance the i have mpd (multiple personality disorder) it is kind of possible (for the last 2 years iv'e been going to a behaviour skool) only last year started going back slowly to my normal high skool (2days a week or so) i only...
  17. Animex

    Multiple Advanced Melee...?

    I think ESF should have Multiple Advanced Melee. It would be very interesting fighting two or even three people at once. For an example: Goku attacks Trunks. Gohan can join with Goku to beat the crap out of Trunks. Goku gets input his arrow commands and attack trunks first since he...
  18. A

    Multiple generic beams

    i know the esf team propably doesnt read these suggestion anyway but hell i will give it a try i think that they should add a multiple generic beam attack , it should propably cost alot of ki , like lets say u charge it up and fire lets say 6 generic beams and aim them at some1 , so...
  19. O

    Multiple Suggestions for 1.3

    Here are my suggestions: -- Able to grab enemy's form back or front. Front: You grab him just like Piccolo against Frieze (second stage)..and you swoop him against the wall or ground (similair to the show, dont know how to explain exactly)If enemy wins the struggle he damages you and get's...
  20. G

    multiple corruptions

    Hello, I downloaded 1.1 a while back and liked it. I tried downloading 1.2 Lite and never got a working file. The first one wasn't even a functional .exe and the second was corrupted (with 10 seconds left on the install, no less). Anyhow, Filefront and some German site gave me bad...