1. Baaja

    What makes a HL mod server lag free? (e.g. ESF Final + NNK)

    Hi I will be moving in to a new apartment which I will share with my girlfriend. As we will have a good connection provided by the housing cooperative, and I will have a spare laptop without a screen doing nothing at all. I was thinking of starting an NNK/ESF server with pretty good uptime...
  2. RobiZ

    Free cool games ?

    Hi does anyone knows cool any interesting PC games which are free ? Or better does anyone knows a webpage where you can find some ? :rolleyes:
  3. D

    SWTOR Free to Play Tomorrow

    Here's the details and faq: I personally have good opinions about MMO microtransaction models. My favorite example was Exteel, before they shut that down. There are a lot of limitations on the free accounts, but...
  4. Mkilbride

    I have 3 Guild Wars 2, free weekend invites.

    I just need your email and you can play this coming weekend.
  5. Skyrider

    Mobile Convo's - Join the party.

    Anyone using it? Using Whatsapp? Viber? etc? If so, share your mobile number through a PM so I can add you on my phone so I can stalk you. ;)
  6. Mkilbride

    EA trying to sell us on Origin again; Battlefield 1942 for free! Just click here, it's added, and you have it. Pretty sweet.
  7. Mkilbride

    Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free 2 play up to Level 50 this fall. So basically, LOTRO route. Profitable route. Yeah, we all saw this coming. But...
  8. Mkilbride

    BioWare looking at making The Old Republic Free to play. Well me, and several others, called it.
  9. Mkilbride

    Ubisoft tests the waters of going DRM Free. Interesting, hopefully they could just ditch Uplay entirely.
  10. Deverz

    Fallout 1 free for 48 hours

    Get it now!
  11. Prozac

    Rick Santorum, fact free politician! How can someone just sit up there and casually tell such blatant lies. I wonder what kind of people actually vote for him.
  12. Mkilbride

    Pre-order Mass Effect 3, and get a free copy of Battlefield 3.
  13. Mkilbride

    Aion going Free 2 play. Well. I guess for free, it's worth checking out. Grindfest that Lineage 2 was though, I hear.
  14. elcor

    Free copy of Empire Earth Gold Edition for 48 hours. Starting on Monday 12 December

    Free copy of Empire Earth Gold Edition for 48 hours. Starting on Monday 12 December at 11.00 GMT. I know ain't steam, but maybe someone would like to have this awesome game, so ill post it here, just in case. It's started ! Get your copy now...
  15. Mkilbride

    Free The Old Republic Keys being given out, hurry! Limited and you go to be quick about this. I got mine already, though I have no real intention of playing.
  16. Mkilbride

    Finding Eden [Free SP RPG] So I played about 25 minutes of this. Pretty interesting...strangely haunting...somewhat shakes the nerves, and throw on a dash of depressing. I recommend it. One thing you'll realize right away is...the writing is good. I am really's...
  17. zmaster

    free roam

    it would be nice to have a free roam map u know no restrictions just flying all over the place seeing npc citizens if u fly over a city see dinos if u fly over a wasteland .if u dont want to i understand so will alot of other people but it would be nice;)
  18. Viper

    DC Universe Online free to play Coming to you, this October!
  19. Deathshot

    Portal is Free til 9/20!

    That's right! Portal 1 is free til 9/20! So if you haven't picked it up yet, get it!
  20. MrPlow

    Any interesting & free way to excercise which i won't forget about the next day?

    .... Is there? I'm not fat, just out of shape. I play basketball but aside from that i don't really do much. I can like barely do 15 pushups and 40 situps which is really really really lame to what i used to. I'm not financially stable enough to afford a gym membership and i am quite...