1. sanSTyX

    Why aren't you guys hosting Open Beta on torrents anymore?

    Nostalgic The oldest thread here. Reading through some of this stuff is sad :-(
  2. Eon

    Kill the Open Beta links?

    So I was thinking about the Open Beta link and how it can be very confusing to newcomers. The average intelligence of some dude who signs up on the forums and immediately runs here to make some thread isn't exactly astounding. 90% they usually don't understand that the Open Beta link is from a...
  3. M

    ESF Open Beta Melee

    Hello, I recently installed the open beta and wanted to play LAN with some friends and we noticed that the melee seemed buggy and only offered the basic melee. Is this a glitch or was it just not finished when the open beta was released?
  4. S

    ESF Open Beta Crashing

    The Open Beta always crashes when a Player is killed. Just wanted to report if you didn't already know.
  5. E

    problem ESF open beta final

    hi all i got a problem today i just bhought half life 1 and installed esf open beta final into the folder when i start esf it shut down after i click on create server and than if i click start it close and say to me half life 1 got a problem and need to be closed.
  6. C

    who wants to play esf open beta

    whoever wants to play esf open beta through hamachi because you cant make online servers just tell us or if you know any other way to play online with other peeps ill post the i.p to join in a sec
  7. UltraVegetto2

    Transformations In Open Beta Help

    Hi there, I was playing Esf:Open Beta lately and I wondered if it is possible to transform somehow? There are no bots in Open Beta so I can't gain any "CF". Help?
  8. A

    Esf Open Beta final and 1.2.3 dosn't work plz help!!!!!

    Hi My name is Anel. so i have a problem whit esf open beta final when i start the game and when it opend the game it work fine but when i wait 10 or 15 sec all of a sudden the game closes like i never iven click the close button. Plz help me i really want to play esf open beta final plz plz...
  9. chad1123

    ESF Open Beta

    After playing esf 1.2.3 for awhile i went to the website, I noticed a download link at the top for ESF final 1.3 open beta, I download it, open the game and..... No one is playing. Is there any reason for this? I would really like to play the beta for 1.3 final. Is it really buggy or glitched...
  10. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 Open Beta SIGN UPS! It keeps constantly crashing, but it's confirmed by a Devs Twitter. 48 hour Signups only! Oh Hell yes, I am in! Scannertron 5000 thingy, uploaded my specs, entered my info, and said I am now registered!
  11. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 *OPEN* Beta coming in March, releasing this year!
  12. CankerousJak12

    ESF Open Beta Final Super Kamehameha

    I know I've been posting a lot of sh** recently and I'm sorry for that anyway, I noticed there was no Super Kamehameha in ESF Open Beta, so I went to core/weapon/Beam.xml and I saw at the bottom a weapon called "Wave.Kamehameha", as I looked closer at it, I realized that this is an unfinished...
  13. A

    a suggestion for esf open beta version

    hi just thought i would put up a suggestion for an alternate method of transforming for saiyans. my suggestion is this: because of the turbo button's new function may i suggest that a new function be placed on top, that when you reach the limit of the boost if you hold it down further it...
  14. Twillypop

    1.3 Open Beta Final Server Freeze

    I'm having a problem with 1.3 Open Beta Final, I recently downloaded it from the ESF website and I was PUMPED it actually came out.:smile: So I downloaded it to my Half Life folder and it installed just fine and I opened it up to play. Everything was working till I made a server, it loaded fine...
  15. I

    A little update to open beta final

    I ask a little update for esf 1.3 open beta final.1.fix the bots (required) 2.a little better melee (not just hiting randomly around but doing some simple combos) 3.just make the water better. 4.fix perfect cell (not required) hope you just fix the bots others not nedeed realy.
  16. V

    Why does nobody play ESF Open Beta Final?

    I've been playing ESF ECX for a bit and there's plenty of servers with people in em, but I just installed the latest beta from the main site and there's not even one server up..
  17. M

    ESF Open beta bots

    hello everyone, When Im making a new server and try to put bots the game suddenly crashes and says: "MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed" what can I do to fix this?
  18. R

    Problems with ESF 1.3 open beta final

    As I can do to combat the esf 1.3 open beta final? in the stable version appears a way to combat that in 1.3 I can not use, I can only give a blow, can you help? thanks in advance greetings!
  19. M

    BUG - ESF 1.3 Open Beta

    Can someone help me with this bug? Or just give me a hint of what to do? Help me.
  20. person27

    Another open beta?

    I was just wondering if you guys are gonna post a new open beta with all the progress of final so far. It would be awesome to take a look into the progress of final and experience it.:)