1. T

    Cant post in Help&Support so posting this here

    Anytime I try playing the 1.3 open beta the game crashes saying some '.dll' experiences an overflow. Help?
  2. Mkilbride

    Topics not posting correctly?

    A few times lately, I've posted a topic and had the entire lower half of the post cut-out. I mean just stopped half-way...when I go to edit it's blank...then I have to re-type it all, hit save, and bam, it works. What did Sky **** up to cause this? Never seen it on another forum.
  3. -Origin

    Hope nobody minds me posting some art here, the art forum is dead as dead can be.

    Sorry in advance. ;P Decided to dust off Photoshop since a few people kept prodding me about it >_> Took me a while to throw together but didn't work out too bad in the end, I think. Keep in mind, I haven't used Photoshop like this in like.. at least a year. At least. Comments, crits, nao!
  4. Damaera

    Read here before posting a suggestion

    Want to help ESF but you don't have any modding skills? Don't worry, you're still able to help ESF! How, you ask? By posting suggestions! Before you post any suggestions, be sure to read the rest of this thread first. Search Button Before making a suggestion, be sure to search to see if your...
  5. wheres_

    Am I posting in a black hole?

  6. Jakut

    Don't even know if this's worth posting

    Was kinda bored and decided to make some poo
  7. AmoN

    Felt like posting something... again

    EDIT* oh damn this is wrong topix.. soz bout that
  8. M

    Posting and You... This is a good flash.
  9. Phobius

    Does your female sig breach our AUP? (!!PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING IT!!)

    Alright since lately we have been clashing about scantily clad women in sigs and what not I've decided to show some examples of the good and the bad. If I'm using your sig please don't ***** or moan I'm just using it as an example and you should feel proud I guess. Anyways lets start off with...
  10. Promiscuous Girl

    It's Finally Here-- A New Method Of Posting

    Have you've had trouble here with swear filters ? Are you fed up with editable fonts that makes it hard for some users to read because of the size ? Do you hate it when your serious or angry but people dont realize it because they can't see your facial expression behind their PC/Laptop screen...
  11. T

    Posting these final words in models

    Its been almost a year sense i havent been on the forums of esf... Seems to be esf is dead since 1.3 is taking so long or it must be the developers are noobish..... just quit.....
  12. ssjFajita

    Guidelines for Posting on a Forum (its a Joke)

    In no way am I trying to be elitist or mod-like. Just trying to spread a good joke around :] It is a satire concerning the STEAM forums, but I thought that a place like the ESF forums would laugh at it. If you feel as if this gravely insults you then IM me. o_o...
  13. Lethal_Vegetto

    Just A Question About The Forum Posting.

    Why is there a 120 second wait time between every post? Im guessing to prevent spamming right?..."just a guess"
  14. J

    Posting, and you!
  15. B

    102 Years In Jail For Posting UnderAge PICs

    Do you guys belive that any of this is true, there talking about giving people 102 years in jail for post illegal underage pics or something like that ?!? MSN Groups, Topica, Yahoogroups and other egroups providers are working with an FBI Sting operation, and thousands of men are being...
  16. Tassadar

    Off-Topic Posting

    Just a question, why is it that off-topic posting isn't counted in your post count? Kind of bugs me, I mostly hang around the off-topic forums and I would most likely have more than a thousand had this not been the case
  17. madgik

    First Time Posting A Sig

    usualy i dont make a post about my sig but theres always a first time. I know there are a bit plain and not as good as some of the rest but any comments and critz are welcome. (Redoing Sig) (time to make... bout 5 mins)
  18. S

    posting pictures

    Hey guys... im sorta new to forums and i snooped about the forums to find the answer to this ....but i cant find it .... how do i post up a pic i made? i have it hosted ... but i dont know how to put it up here ....(in the art section) *edit : sorry guys... i figured it out thanx anyway! :D
  19. T

    Wrong news posting

    How Can WE enjoy it When We dont have it ??????
  20. K


    Plzzzz Plzzz Plzz i really need help on making a game through a SMC router, ... and yes i have read the Router/Firewall sticky already as well as the tutorial. Here is my problem, i opened up ports 27005-27016 and, My friend can join my game by going to Console and typing CONNECT and then my IP...