1. Trules

    Vegeta model request

    Hi every one i have searched buu saga vegeta model everywere i want this one in particulary if its posible its already created but if some of you have it plz share it with me this is the model that i want soo bad
  2. G

    A Request For Half Life 1 On Steam

    Hello everybody can someone give me a Half Life 1 On Steam my Username is:orraff10 i am a dragon ball fan and i wont to download this new downloads on steam like:Open Beta Final and Final (full) (sorry for bigging on the last Thread i am new and i dont know that) Tnx For Help Anybody
  3. G

    A Request For Half Life 1 On Steam

    Hello you guys can someone help me on send me a Half Life 1 to my steam Username:orraff10 i am a dragon ball fan and i wont to download the new ESF Final game Full and the Open beta on Half Life please i really need this Half Life on Steam who can help me is the best ever !!! please ...
  4. G

    Request for GT on ESF Final

    i Request for an some gt players like ssj4 goku and vegeta ssj4 gogeta mybe omega shenron but recomended the firsts and some more addons (if you dont use them anyway) ssj2 gogeta vegito and super vegito gotenks ssj1 and 3 and base please i think it well be even more awesome with them or even...
  5. Baaja

    Baaja's Sig Request (Kenshin)

    Hey guys, I've been using this sig for quite a long time and it's getting pretty old! So I would like to request a sig if there are any creative guys out there with some free time. The sig I would like to have would depict Himura Kenshin, from Rurouni Kenshin since that show is by far my most...
  6. Plakman

    Game Request

    Hi there, I was wondering if that version of kanonball is still arround that we used to play in the steam chat? if so could you please put a link? trying to get a few games going in class :scared:
  7. S

    DBZ SIG? [request]

    hey, i was going through google trying to find someone to make me a Dragon Ball Z forum sig and found this site.. i was wondering if anyone could make me one that had Broly and Goku on it.. with the name on it being smitt13442? If someone can i would be forever thankful (:
  8. The Deco

    Request - Deco Seal of Approval

    That is exactly what I need. Thing is I don't know how to mix stupidity and porn into a Seal... maybe that llama part is an example OFC it should have a signature styled Deco Seal of Approval - something like so...
  9. Ghost_Ryder

    Map request!

    Who has the esfw_tournament map??? I asked DJ-Ready, but he did not answer.. -_-
  10. unstopbole

    Idea's And Request!!!!!- READ

    I Have Idea's. First I Have Idea's For All Transformations! well they're from DBTC. Saiyan Mega Saiyan-Buff Kio-Kan Super Saiyan Mega Super Saiyan Accendent SSJ SSJ2 Legendary Super Saiyan SSJ3 SSJ4 SSJ5- Long Gray Hair SSJ6- Long Red Hair SSJ7- Long Yellow Hair To Feat SSJ8-...
  11. leonelmba1

    Models request - ( Trunks GT and Trunks GT Ssj)

    hi folks, in the past I have downloaded those models (trunks gt and trunks gt ssj) in this link , but now it's died. I have reinstalled esf and now I need them. please, upload for this link reviving or pass for me!!!
  12. Mkilbride

    Anyone with some elite photoshop skills? Got a request. Can you photoshop some blood onto his sword and him holding Osama Bin Ladens head? I'd appreciate it. It's for a contest.
  13. Flink_Power

    Request Sig

    Hello , After my thread closed i re-post it : Can someone made me a sig with any pic of luffy and with the username "Flink" ? Thank's .
  14. Flink_Power

    [Request] Sig

    Hello , Can someone made my a sig like that : But replacing "Luffy" by "Flink" . Thank's for help ^_^
  15. omnomnom

    At Eon's Request

    This is also Lieutenant Chat.... discuss... again... for the 3rd time.
  16. Morvin

    Gogeta SSJ model request.

    I'm looking for a gogeta model that suited more like in the show... The one ECX uses is a very crappy one. Altough the body's skin and size seems very crappy I liked the edit made on the face of SV's Vegetto to look like Gogeta... Does anyone know a better one? A gogeta ssj4 model is...
  17. tuty

    Model Request

    Hey, guys, i need a "cake" model, for ESF like donut.mdl, cookie.mdl etc. Could someone make a cake model for me? Something like this -> cake model and on top of it a candle with burning animation
  18. tuty

    Some models request!

    Hey guys, i want to make a mod for esf 1.2.3 until 1.3 is finished, so i need some player models to do that xD I need: Guldo Zarbon Nappa and the other guys from gynu force becase is long time when i saw the anime, so i forgot their names. So please post here
  19. Painkiller

    [Request] Goku's house models

    Hey guys. Can you help me out to find Goku's house models that I could use? Something similar to this I suppose
  20. nAQdy

    model request

    can someone make me a model for zarbon dodoria and nappa pls ???