1. MrPlow

    A silly little cosmetic idea that's probably not worth mentioning....

    ..... but i'll still say it. Few hours ago i was visiting my friend and he was playing UT99 on my favorite map "morpheus". Those of you who still remember the game and that map might know that it had a fun little LCD display in all three of the skyscrapers which would show who is currently #1...
  2. Optional

    Steam Sale - Psychonauts

    Pyschonauts for $2 Great game. Worth way more than that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychonauts
  3. Skyrider

    Worth switching to Windows 7?

    I'm rather curious, is it worth switching from XP to Windows 7? Regardless if W7 is in beta stage. I dislike Vista as I have a lot of issues with it, but I don't think I will with Windows 7. And I'm quite the person who is really interested in things and using fancy new things.
  4. Kaination

    Rock Band - worth to get anymore?

    I'm getting paid on the 7th and I'm wondering if it's even worth it to get rock band anymore. So, is it? :0
  5. M

    Guild Wars - Worth Playing?

    I've been contemplating whether or not I should pick up a copy of Guild Wars. So, I want to see what everyone's opinions are.
  6. Nuttzy

    worth a flop?

    ive been bouncing around the idea of getting a new pc for a while now, my current one is showing its age and despite all the fixins ive put in it (new HDD, tripled the memory, and a new graphics card) it still isnt good for much else. i figure now that my 360 has starting eating my games for...
  7. S

    Wow is the devil, so i want my monies worth ;o

    Hey everyone ;p glad to see this place back, i've recently escaped the bowels or WoW and i need some help >_< I've basically, screwed over my social life and artistic ability playing this ****ing game for the past year or so... I've recently Leveled a blood elf pally to 70 and specced prot...
  8. Kama

    Laptops Worth?

    So, i'm looking to buy a laptop, but i'm not looking to spend much. So my friend offered to sell me hers, but I want to know what you guys think it's worth before I shell anything out. Here's basically what it is, hp Pavilion ze2000 55.8GB 1.6GHz 504mb Ram Mobile intel 915/GM/GMS 910GML...
  9. Jakut

    Don't even know if this's worth posting

    Was kinda bored and decided to make some poo
  10. I

    Guyver- my own version (worth looking)

    Lineart: kake-hama Color job: me(Ice-X:P) Might be oversharpened in some places but thats kinda what i wanted:) comments/crits please
  11. M

    Encarta Encyclopedia... Is it worth it?

    I'm debating if I should buy the latest Encarta Encyclopedia since I tend to always look up stuff on Wikipedia though Encarta Encycyclopedia seems to be more resourceful. The only problem I have with it is that they have a new version every year, plus the updates for each month of that year...
  12. Suh Dude

    ESFORCES.COM is worth $11k?

    Not sure if this is legimate or not but I found this site a while ago. >.> http://directory.sootle.com/website-worth/tata.php Type in ESForces.com and it'll come up what is worth, one I got was almost $11k. Thats alot, I mean Greg can sell the domain... get $11k and buy life supply of pr0n. ;0
  13. Promiscuous Girl

    Professional Gaming Contracts Worth 1 million Dollars ?

    This is simply unbelievable-- i was reading up on a few things and recently found out that gamers now are being payed millions to play in tournaments that absolutely no one watches-- i can't believe their actually calling themselves " Professional Atheletes. " This is almost as bad as showing...
  14. PiXel

    Ps2 still worth?

    i´d like to know if a ps2 is still worth. my bro sold the ps2 with 2 joysticks, one memory card + 4 games (budokai 2,kingdom hearts, and 2 other) and he dont want to buy it back since he wasnt allowed to sell it and didnt had the money. so i asked my dad how can i make money so i could...
  15. DBZ master

    Liberty cities for the PsP is it worth getting

    A few days ago i thought aout the game liberyty cities its a grand theft auto game i was thinking if i should get it or not can you please tell me what you think
  16. G

    Battlefield 2|Special Forces , worth buying?

    Anyone played the expansion? is it fun? Is it worth buying? ps: post screenshots/link to screenshots if you can.
  17. Chakra-X

    Team Battle's Worth

    The problem with team mode..is that it really doesn't serve much of a purpose. It limits the amount of people you can attack (...or should be attacking...) and if you decide to help a teamate, it's "OMG DOUBLE TEAM, HOW CHEAP!". That is why I have attempted to come up wit ha few things that...
  18. V

    Game Worth It?

    Ok im really thinking about going and buying the game somewhere to play this but im just making sure after i get the game and set everything up to play it is it free after that and does the game lag alot and is it something you think i might get bored with to quick which would make me waste money?
  19. K

    esf 1.2.1 worth it?

    im a noob on esf and have just started playin version 1.2 i was getting ready to install the patch 1.2.1 but i been hearing about alot of problems coming with it i even read a post about it messing up someones OS. what i wanna know is, is the patch worth all the trouble and risk....? that may...
  20. J

    To Nuttzy, Darksun, Darkone, and any other modelers worth there salt..

    im sorry if i left anyone out :) anyway, i just have a couple of questions, answer me either in the thread, through pm, or you can catch my email/msn at [email protected] my aim address is: rocknrollups anywho, ive got 3dsmax 6.0 kinda getting to grips with it, gonna...