1. IceFire2050

    Using Skin and other people can see them?

    I was playing a game on the snakeway map from the red saiyan website and this one guy was Gohan and he changed his skin to Gordon from Half-Life. His guy was spazing out like my sprites do if they arnt desinged for that mod but still.....HOW DID HE DO IT?!?!
  2. I

    My Artwork... worth a look

    Worth a look.. but probably nothing more. Click here to go to my artwork For 56kers (which I am) It might take a lil while to d/l. Give your comments here. I made all of these except the two or three animated images at the bottom. :fight:
  3. A

    Hide textures really worth it?

    I was thinking because of the scale down on the models ,maps dont have to be nearly as big as they were before in esf. Are hide textures really needed for a decent size map then? The one flaw to hide textures is that they can screw up lighting slightly because of the breaking down the...
  4. Mr. Satans

    (Another) New Version Of C0A0B!!

    That's right, I made s'more changes. - Added A Few Teleport Spots - Added A Song (AYBABTU :p ) - Added A Button To Open Gate Doors - Changed Some Dragon Ball & Sensu Bean Locations Get The Latest Version HERE --:: INSTRUCTIONS ::-- Open The .zip File Extract To Your ESF...
  5. D

    New sig

    What do you guys think?
  6. MONXver1.5


    There should be a section just for them. Its cramping the art section.
  7. Akhkaru

    LightWave 3D Modeling help

    I searched all over, but I cannot find a tutorial that tells how to make character models for half life or stuff, Gmax is confusing, but I wanna use Lightwave 3D, andyone know where I could find some tutorials?
  8. H

    Model of Nappa??

    Hey guys, Make a model of Nappa, he's very cool. One of the bad guys I can't forget!! Attacks you could use: 1.''finger up'' blast 2. Mouthbeam 3.(after powerup) dubble damage or some more very cool attacks that Nappa uses! So, what do you think?? Is he worth a...
  9. S

    How do you like your cell games?

    I have made 5 different cell games maps... they all include my ring which is pretty damn close to the actual show.... I base all my maps off episodes and screen rips.... I need to know how people woulda like to play cell games... Options: (1) Small Land Area but high sky box so lots of...
  10. D

    Trunks again?

    i dunno, i was bored last night after the game, so there you go a whole hours worth of making neck and skin edits, all by your friendly neighborhood -|DbZ|-Piccolo.