1. S

    esf mod of the week

    www.planethalflife.com just go down a little andd take a look for yourself congrats team
  2. N

    Need Models To Skin !

    Does anybody have any marine/soldier futeristic type of model that i can skin ? i really need to work on something. please post it here, or pm me THANX!
  3. I

    Just wondering...

    What is a good animation program? i've been wanting to make my own for a long time.
  4. Frieza

    Beta Out This Week!

    One of your map testers told me on a forum you guys have that Beta is comnig out this week!!!!! IS THAT TRUE!!!!!!! :p :p :p I CANT WAIT!
  5. Jaredster

    Im new

    hey im a artmaker
  6. Styles

    Picture of the week???

    I was just wondering why you guys have a picture of the week thing on the main site if it is never changed and same goes with the old website layout it was always the same picture for months and months I think it was that one with Vegeta standing there and Shenlongwas in the distance (that was a...
  7. H

    2sigs combined!

    because im just that spiffy... O_O
  8. Synth

    SSJ Script 5.5

    I currently got 5.1, and i was wondering if any knew where any mirrors are. the redsaiyan site is down and i can't find a site that has it.
  9. ?

    u need to see this great and brilliant work

    *;/* *Cucumba!*
  10. SA_Gohan

    My first ever artwork post!

    Finally. It is time. This picture is a drawing of the character Jana, who is in a dbz fanfic I'm working on. It's not my latest drawing (not including coloring, that was done last week), but I have tweaked a few stuff on it. It's not quite done yet, but I'll probably finish it up in the next...
  11. I


    heya..check my gotenks model! still needs work i gonna redo the whole hair btw http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=139461
  12. Hibiki

    The Pope's Movie o Da Week!

    well figured id pic one movie out every week and post about it... (cause i got nothin better to do :S ) This weeks move pic is!!! Zeram!! (hella good movie if u ask me!!) basicly its a live action iria movie... a little different from the anime.. but pritty much the same stuff...
  13. V

    International week of the n00b

    Next week is the international week of the n00b there will be celebrations abroud post your thoughts on the spectacle here!
  14. A

    Holy ****

    ARGH these MODELS are worse then dmz ones *pukes* im gonna reanimate and remodel eevery single model cuz daeeeeem dey look funky
  15. S

    Goku Head Reskin (W.I.P.)

    ooo... look at my pretty new skin, a modification of my old one with my new graphire tablet... ahhhh... anyway take a look...
  16. S


    Anyone interested in participating/seeing a sig contest? something like see who can make the best sig in one week?
  17. J

    For the peeps......

    for the peeps who want to know this. i'm making sigz again. not that much. only a selection that i choose from. most likely one per week or something like that. if it's through SMC (once it's fully operational) i'll make more.
  18. K

    Seeing Host

    Just checking if this host works and I'll be back after Mid-Terms
  19. L

    Hey I'm New

    Heh I just Joined this forum after my friend told about this website. what do you think of my sig. its like 5 months old but i'm hoping to finish a new one by the end of this week.
  20. fatmanterror


    can somebody please tell me where i can find a crack for milkshape? i cant find any and i cant buy it