1. Ultra33Gokussj3

    EvM Progrees tread#2

    Ok guys , i saw what happened on prev tread , well , ....... , first i wanna consider this that evm wont rip again , and always give credit , this is an apologies from the evm team , ok , i have finished majin vegeta first i l give credit to: Turk , SinGoku , Smo PLEASE NO CRITZ OK ! this...
  2. Element4q2

    Element4q2's GT Goku Pack

    I asked for the other thread to be closed so i could start a new thread when the file was up for download. It seems a lot of people were interested in downloading it as i get about 10 pm's about it per week. I have sent the pack to RedSaiyan for hosting (since they're back online) However...
  3. TehMuffinMan

    -=Achievement of the week awards=-

    yes, today, i am going to start somthing nice in the forums, the achievement of the week, Every week, we shall pick one user who stands out from the rest for his latest work, we shall name him out, and give him the secret trophy i took 2 hours to make*awe* this will also help people...
  4. Tweek


    ..I saw the earlyer post about a WIP SSJ3 Vegeta and it enspired me 2 dig out me old SSJ3 mdl ;D it has just been lying around my computer 4 the last mounth or so and i was wondering if there was anythin i could do 2 make it better :rolleyes: Well it should hopefully be posted on BS...
  5. M

    smo's goku

    Don't see you on the mod list so you shouldn't be acting like one ;X. Anyway, I've lost it, and NEITHER of the links work, nor does red saiyan. Evidently some mod decided to have my question go unasked. Anybody have a link?
  6. Skyrider

    Redsaiyan add files..... Do it now.

    ok.. due my vacation. and due that spin is never online.. well.. maybe he is on vacation.... anyway. i am going away for 1 week.. so if you want to upload a file to rs. plz. contact me RIGHT away. cuz i am going away VERY soon! less then 6 hours (+ sleeping ) soo... just PM or email me.. check...
  7. Skyrider

    bye bye all... Cu all next week

    :\ i am going away for 1 week on vacation :) i am going to France and i am going away tomorrow morning :) AAnnnwayyy.... just saying that i will be away for a week :) -peace guys.
  8. OubliezJe

    Check out my latest picture :)

    Check out my latest logo my logo For ES :)
  9. Optional

    Need to add a SKY around your map? LOOK HERE!

    O.K., I'm really freaking tired of being asked how to add a friggin' sky around a map. I've been asked it about 7 times this friggin' week! Step 1: Make sure you have Half-life.wad in your textures menu. In Valve Hammer Editor/World Craft, go to Tools>Options, once the menu is opened, go to...
  10. A

    I need help getting original model!!!!!

    i downloaded a model for goku(SSJ4) and put it as my ssj form, it ended up being a peice of ****. I wanted to go back to normal ssj model but i dont have another file. I need help, can someone give me a link so i can get the origanal ssj goku model? Thanx.
  11. Death The Jedi

    The best Red Saiyan yet (well.. IMO)

    All credit goes to Mr. Smo for his sexy Goku models, and maybe alittle bit of credit to whoever designed the RS logo.. **EDIT** Tell me which color hair you like better, that's why they both have different hair color, so I can get opinions on it..
  12. B

    Wheres a good place to get skins and sprites?

    Where can i get good skins and sprites like ki attackes? plz tell me some one ;D
  13. Shuyin

    Map Request Supreme Kai

    If theres a mapper out there who'd like to have a go at making this map then please do! Ive got a few screenshots of the map in a zip folder for reference. Its the Supreme Kai's planet from the kid buu saga, i think it'd make a nice map http://members.neouniverse.net/Spencer/kaimappics.ZIP
  14. GMan

    We need some more 1.1 edits

    For real, people =p Can anyone convert some models? I would like some Goku models .. or Buu maybe.. heh.. Just a thought =/
  15. A

    Neds Vegeto Model/skin Is Released!

    http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=license&id=1&file=275 OMG!
  16. M


    Im looking for diffrent colors scouter for a long time and even after a search here i didnt find nothing so can any one send me a direct links for scouters colors
  17. J

    Great mapping challenge

    I would like to set up a mapping challenge The person that can create the best rats map of a spaceship in one weeks hence will win. What do you win? Nothing :cry: you just get bragging rights that you are better then all those other mappers.:)
  18. M

    New Model Packs !!!!!

    Hey i have made a few pack all of the models are not created by me but i assembled the models in 4 big Packs GT Goku Pack includes: Normal GT Goku -Credit to original Creator of Goku -Edited by Snake-D Super Saiyan 4 Goku -Credit to original Creator of Goku -Edited by Brollman Credit...
  19. T

    Wallpaper *first*

    *sigh* Lets try this again, Seeing how some people I wont name names they know who they are said I rip, But yet I have sent my **** to Naz - Mega - OWA. So I shall like to speak to them very soon, Maybe within today and tommorrow. Gen13 Wallpaper
  20. V

    PiKKoN MoDeL

    I've made a PiKKoN model and it looks awesome but thats not the point.. I made it now.. but how do i replace it with another model like piccolo ? i tried to name the .smd file piccolo but he doesnt do that:cry: it is still piccolo... plz tell me if that is d0ne i release some screenshots and...