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  1. Nuttzy

    crash bandicoot w/ trans

    ignore the readme, i got cs to run once, and his running animation is messed up, as is his transformation, i can blame some of it on the fact its a 1.0 model, but not all of it, anyhow hes good for a laugh, it took me ages to get him ingame, when i finally had the idea to use the sonic...
  2. X

    Hosting ESF on Cable w/ Linksys

    I'm currently on a linksys router and in ESF I always host, but nobody joins (for the past few months). On BYOND, I set my port that is open, and people can join my game, but on Half-Life, I didn't see an option to set a port when hosting. If you know how, please let me know.
  3. K

    Need help w/ bots

    when i try n dl the bot 4 esf it says that it dosent work w/ browser but when i use internet explorer it says site cannot be found. So when i tried 2 use akimbot, I put it in the half-life folder and opened the installer no mods came up so i can install it. plz hlp
  4. G

    Help w/ installing

    I finally was able to install ESF once again, and I found out what was wrong and it might help people who have problems installing ESF too. Have no programs running what so ever. Go into: Run> Type msconfig> Uncheck all the boxes for startup> Restart> Then try to install The problem was...
  5. A

    Zip/Rar format 4 next Releash w/...

    Zip/Rar format 4 next Beta 1.1 Releash w/... MD5/CRC Checksum
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Interview w/ me

    Q: So Steve, do you ever curse? A: Heck yeah, I curse. Q: When? A: Gosh, many times. Q: Can you give me an example of when you might curse? A: Hmm, let me give you a hypothetical. Let's say a man is holding a big boulder over my head, and then he drops that boulder onto my...
  7. Mr. Satans

    Linkin Park Sprays w/ Batch File Loader!

    When I bought the new Linkin Park CD, Meteora, on the 25th I couldn't wait to get the pics -n- logos to make some sprays, unfortunatly I didn't get the ones I wanted but I did use one to make 2 sprays (One w/ a white background, the other w/ a transparent background). And today (26th) I was...
  8. K

    Assistance w/ New Krillin Model

    I'm trying to place a new krillin model in my ESF, because I like krillin's attacks but don't like krillin. My only problem is the destructo disk always appears right in the middle of the model(instead of a few inches above his hand). I downloaded a Goten model, who is smaller the krillin and...
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Ekzempt shall be down , everything w/ it.

    Alright, due to the nature of the old host(LScream), I was looking for a new host. I have found a host which will take me up at the end of the week, at this moment he cant give me anything to put onto the net, and I need to wait until the end of the week before anything even happens. Until...
  10. [=TM=] Vegetto

    Out w/ Krillin! In w/ Goten!

    I really think that Krillin should be replaced by Goten... I mean...Krillin is.......you know. Goten would be alot better. Krillin shouldnt even be classified as a Z Fighter anymore...the greatest thing he has done in a long time is grow some hair! :D Thats just my opinion though...
  11. S

    can anybody tell me whats wrong w/ this

    void CBot::BotFindItem( void ) { CBaseEntity *pEntity = NULL; CBasePlayerItem *pItem = NULL; float radius = 100; while ((pEntity = UTIL_FindEntityInSphere( pEntity, pev->origin, radius )) != NULL) { // check to make sure that the entity is visible and in field of...
  12. B

    need help w/ models

    i have a lot of models but none of them work i got them from the ssj script but i can't get ne to work.,.. do i have to put them in a certain spot or somdin plz help
  13. P

    esf mod probs w/ cs

    r u guys sure that u can run esf w/ the cs retail because i cant get it to work =\
  14. R

    help w/ akimbot

    I need help with working the bots. They come out but then it says something about the waypoints. Is there any sexy men to help with this?