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  1. Arctiq

    Sonic the Hedgehog Characters w/ Trans?

    I was wondering if, when ESF is released, someone can make most-- if not all -- Sonic characters with their trans :) That would be so freakin epic! <------ Sonic fan boy here :P
  2. hleV

    Setting model w/ AMX Mod X

    Default model set methods that works with CS, DoD, etc. doesn't work on ESF. The way is the server_frame() (StartFrame in Fakemeta). But the problem is that the StartFrame is called too often and is cousing lag. #include <amxmodx> #include <fakemeta> new g_MaxPlayers; public...
  3. hleV

    Setting model w/ AMX Mod X

    Default model set methods that works with CS, DoD, etc. doesn't work on ESF. The way is the server_frame() (StartFrame in Fakemeta). But the problem is that the StartFrame is called too often and is cousing lag. #include <amxmodx> #include <fakemeta> new g_MaxPlayers; public...
  4. ravenX08

    Problems w/ esf

    These are the problems i encounter: 1. When i install the full installer of esf 1.2.3 i only got 8 characters:goku,vegeta,gohan,piccolo,frieza,krilin,cell,majin buu(doesnt have any transformations). And there is no background music. 2. Cant download anything from the files section. When i...
  5. Barney's_Soul

    Is a 7600GT enough to play ESF high rez w/ AA+AF?

    Will a 7600GT be enough to play ESF at high resolutions with full analiseing and anatropic filtering with 100 fps?
  6. NightShade

    Loving it. Everything. *Bug Testing Session w/ Info Inside*

    I want to start testing some of the things. Around this Thursday @ 5 pm est time. It is not to play or to get a score. Will be doing diffrent types of test. It will be boring. If you want in to help let me know in here. Btw I love the direction ESF is going. I know alot of people will whine...
  7. Zeonix

    Thanos w/ Infinity Gauntlet vs. Everyone in the DB Universe

    After the disaster that is the Superman vs. Goku thread, I figured I'd make another, better, thread. Can everyone in the DB Universe defeat the Mad Titan Thanos who, in this particular fight, is wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and all of it's gems? This is a fight to the death, of course...
  8. tekhsheen

    sig w/ flash

    check it out, i made a new and imporved sig with flash and a heretic1 sprite kit of Iron Lich
  9. Growler

    Suggestions w/ picture

    falling back on my previous idea... I think that the beams that collide in a PS should amass into one big ball... Anyway, I have a lot of changes i'd like you guys to make :)
  10. Robby

    The Edit Picture w/ Photoshop and post it again thread

    Long thread name I know :x Anyway the point of this 'game' is take one picture from guy1, edit in photshop, then post back on the forums. then guy2 will take the exact same picture that guy1 posted and make another edit in it. It's very simple once you know. Ok here's the pic: My edit...
  11. S

    help w/ a game

    hey yall i got a game called Terminator 3 Redemption..and i was wondering if anynoe can help me beat teh crane chase level...i tried to follow the walkthrough but it dont quite explain it...so i was wondering if any of u played this game and beat it acn u help me out"? :yes: :cry:
  12. Mr. Satans

    I'm Done W/ ESF

    Since playing and beating HL2 I've grown accustom to the graphics. The other day me and a few net-friends decided we'd play some ESF and Sven Coop since we were so bored w/ CS: Source and since there are no other HL2 Multiplayer mods out right now. After about 5 minutes of playing each mod...
  13. Mr. Satans

    Battle w/ Adware/Spyware/Malware/Hijack/Virus

    Alright, I always scan for adware/spyware and virus more then 5 times a week using Ad-Aware SE Personal v1.05, Spybot: Search & Destroy v1.3, & Norton Antivirus 2004 Professional which I keep updated EVERY time I run the programs. A few days ago I came home from school and decided to check on...
  14. Rebirah

    Need help w/ Math/Algebra?

    I was searchin' for help on algebra, and I found this Program that Solves the problem for you, and tells you how to solve it. Have fun! http://www.softmath.com/z/down.htm Also, this tells you how to type in the problems, like linear equations. Click on the demo picture...
  15. Hyper Chi Aura

    BLock Struggles w/ energy balls

    :p in Budokai 2, when vegeta used his big bang attack, he shot another blast into to esplode....my point is sicne there r multiple PS, y nto multiple BS? like lets say goku shoots a spirit bomb...and antoehr guy is holidnig it...to prevent it from being hrown bak, gokue can fire Ki balls to make...
  16. W

    Help w/ ded. server not on STEAM master server list

    I can give people my ip to play in my server, but they cannot find it when searching for it on steams master server list. Any help here?
  17. Mr. Satans

    WTF?! First time w/ this error

    I spent the entire day fixing up and changing things in TMS_RatsZ and finally get it compiled but when I go into my server on the newly compiled version I get this error: "Bad model on beam (not sprite)" This happend once right when I connected and after I tried it a second time it...
  18. S

    HELP w/ EVM 1.2

    yo where/what is the name of the evm 1.2 and wher can i get it..and whats it filename in wher ei can get it..thx ^_^ :]
  19. Mr. Satans

    Virtual Memory w/ Multiple Drives

    I have use two harddrives. My SLAVE drive, which is 31.4 GB (completely empty) I would like to use mainly for virtual memory for my MASTER drive (149 GB MAX - 119 GB Free). What should my virtual memory be set at for my SLAVE drive? MASTER Drive VM Settings --> 672 MB (Min) | 1344 MB (Max)
  20. D

    My 1st REAL Work in 3DSM (w/ Photoshop)

    I...didn't REALLY know wut to do...so I followed a tutorial, then after I finished making the object, I decided to change a bunch of stuff...and ended up with this. Critz plz
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