1. T

    I see the recents vids and I have a question about ESF

    I just installed it and ECX RC2 and I am wondering what I need to install to have my game look as good as the trailers do?
  2. Darth Revan

    Epic falcon punch vids Go here
  3. Darth Revan

    3D studio Max modeling tut Vids

    in this thread i will be posting vids i found very helpfull for bigginers in the modeling world for max so i will start with posting box modeling vids then i will post edge loop modeling vids
  4. Valeska

    help, can't see online vids.

    hey guys, so here is the thing, i reinstalled my computer 2 weeks ago and ever since i can't see all online video's. i can see the youtube video's and some quicktime. but alot of other online streaming vid's don't work. i use mozilla firefox and tryed to download all kinds of codecs...
  5. sub

    Spore!! [Some new vids] All I'm going to say is that Spore will be one of the greatest games, ever.
  6. Koren

    My DBZ Music Vids

    please check out my vids there are 3 my favorite is revenge of the prince but please watch and give me feed back
  7. S

    Looking for high lvl esf match vids.

    I'm looking for match vids of higher lvl players. I tried youtube but most of it is people just playing for the flash and don't know much about the game. Anyway I'm trying to get a friend into the game abd I'd like to show him how a GOOD match plays out. Anyone know where I can find something?
  8. sub

    Some New Red Steel Vids, Game looks much better The controls seem a lot better than what was shown at E3, it actually looks playable now. I'm still holding my judgement until a review comes in and I can play it myself, but it at least looks promising.
  9. M

    Longer Vids

    Does anyone know where i download a hack or something to make my phone record longer videos. I have the V from verizon and it only records 15 sec vids
  10. W

    good vids

    i was reading this thread i guess its an old thread (2003) but reading the peoples reactions that fight mustve been amazing? Does any1 still have that file or anything good like it (link doesnt work)
  11. B

    Post Your Favorite YouTube Vids

    These had me laughing for hours. Be sure to post some of your favorites.
  12. M

    Music Vids

    Anyone know some good places to find good DBZ music vids?
  13. NeLo

    Music Vids

    Hey guys, I know I havent been on for a long time, i've been busy, but I'm making a music video for a class and I was gonna see if I put some stuff together from the matrix movies. I remember a long time ago Enforcer15 made a music video using great quality clips, but alas I don't think he's on...
  14. D

    new vids and screens from dbzs look's amaizing!! :shocked: more screenhot's gamespot preview : it will be out this november
  15. G

    ooh :O french BK3 vids

  16. M

    Throw Vids

    When you guys get the time, could you make a short vid of all the different characters throws? I heard something about how Buu's was cool lookin and stuff and i got curious. Unless of course your keepin this stuff under wraps for the release, but other than that please try. Thanks.
  17. Tsunami

    lol funny vids (OUCH)
  18. K

    my mucic vids

    I got 2 i made a while back one is dedicated to vegeta the other is about movie 10 11 12 but i need someone to host or something so people can watch them
  19. Big Bang Attack

    How 2 change hl demos 2 viewable vids??

    how can i change then so i can watch then out side of hl anyone
  20. Wolf

    Music vids Deadicated to ESF!!

    i have made some music videos and haev deadicated 3 out of 4 to ESF. now they aren't of ESF just dbz in general, these i haev spent time on and do wish to have others opinions other then my friends. pick them off my FTP on port 412 wolf/upload user is wolf, the pass is upload...
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