1. Skyrider

    Smash Brothers: Brawl (wii) European version

    Finally, after checking Bart Smit (toy store & Console hardware/ game store) today, I noticed that Smash Brothers: Brawl will be in their stores at June, 27 (this month). Heck, I can't wait for this as I'll buy it right away it comes out. I've been waiting for this game for like, forever. Why do...
  2. Damaera

    Mass Effect 2 + PC Version

    Who's getting these? PC version comes out next week, for those who don't have a 360, ME is an AMAZING game. Who's getting the sequel, as well?
  3. Vagabond

    The New version of the Betamax vs VHS battle has been won

    this was battle war was between blu-Ray and HD-DVD and blu-ray won
  4. G

    Post In Your Videos *Version 1*

    OK. This thread is about you making the videos, IE: you made a video, AMV or something, posted it on youtube, google videos or Etc.... So if you have made any videos, post teh link here, CAUSE WE WANT TO WATCH, also i made a Video earlier today :P
  5. D

    Where can i download EVM version ?

    Where can i download the newest EVM version ? I had one that installed himself.. After i added models from a pack i found.. :D Thnx for ur Help
  6. P

    HalfLife 2 Version

    Why you only made and are making a version for HalfLife 1, don't you think the graphs are too old, ESF TEAM ou should migrate the game to HL2 engine. Your game is awesome, you should make it evolve to a new ERA of graphs.
  7. I

    Guyver- my own version (worth looking)

    Lineart: kake-hama Color job: me(Ice-X:P) Might be oversharpened in some places but thats kinda what i wanted:) comments/crits please
  8. V

    Will there be an exectutable in the full 1.3 version?

    Is the full version gonna have an executable?
  9. C

    Where can i get version 8

    Ok. I Downloaded 9 but then i installed vista and it doesn't work for windows vista. Where can i get version 8 of 3ds max
  10. D

    Unknown version of ESF

    I recently had a system crash and lost everything. I was wondering about a Version of ESF i had where every character started off w/ the ability to transform and it looked far better than the ESF 1.2.3 version i have now. Similar to the Open Beta version's graphics. If anybody could help me out...
  11. Nuttzy

    Armor me thread, ESF version

    like the original thread over at polycount, (i was not the author of that one), I will post a basic male model, and you guys (i will participate too) will model armor over and around him any style of armor will do, whether it be medieval, modern day, or futuristic. this is the model you will...
  12. P

    Please HELP i cant play the 123 version it does not work!!

    Hi people can anybody help me, i want to play for the first time and i cant even run the game, i've instaled the 123 version in the counter strike 1.6 folder, rigth aside the "cstrike" folder and when i try to enter the game it shows the screen with veggeta and piccolo fighting, oh what a...
  13. M

    Dark messiah the retail version.

    I finally got it, as it ran in the demo you go through the tutorial learning all the motions+moves how to use spells etc, after that you speak to your mentor and he sends you to stonehelm where it immediately jumps into the action by knocking you off horseback, the music is omg awesome it really...
  14. M

    Crazy flash version of super smash bros

    This game just frustrates me sometimes lol, the fights can get pretty tough but it is a good game at its core.
  15. Synth

    What version did you first play?

    I figure we can get real specific with a poll, so vote away. The one I first encountered was 1.8, when only Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Trunks had models. Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillen were some kind of grayish thing. There was no Buu or Androids and Ginyu even on the horizon. This...
  16. vinay87

    my problem: version number is wrong (0 should be 30)

    I used to think this problem was only for shenron.mdl... now IO understand that this happens for random fils,,, all of which are either .mdl or .spr files. I run esf. Then i go to create servers then i click on start.... I waity. The game quits MOST OF THE TIME and i get this message...
  17. ZeroNightmare

    problems with newest version of limewire?

    has anyone been having problems with the latest version of limewire? it seems to be draining my ram, slowing my comp down a bit, and it automaticly restarts the program if you close it, its a pain in the ass, the only solution i found was to uninstall it every time i got finished using it...
  18. T

    When the version will be launched?

    When the version will be launched? I am waiting has 8 months
  19. A

    How about making a Non steam/HL version?

    Wouldnt that be a great idea? Then everybody could play..: Without having HL:yes: And it's even possible to make it compatible online:cool: How about it:D BTW I even found a version of ESF 1.2.3 non steam/HL :laff:
  20. G

    Kame House - final version

    Well the topic says all: I'm curently working at this thing from my old version. About 50% done. Still there are more to go