1. Slofreak

    Vegeta FTW!

    Yep guess what 4 am and im doing a siggy lol... anyways, funny how the distortion makes his smile from angry to crazy smile (check the render) :D render: and random vegeta manga pic's from google
  2. I

    Vegeta's ultimate sacrifice

    Will it be in the Final? It betta be.. Or else I'm gonna spank ya....
  3. Trules

    Vegeta model request

    Hi every one i have searched buu saga vegeta model everywere i want this one in particulary if its posible its already created but if some of you have it plz share it with me this is the model that i want soo bad
  4. Gabriel

    Vegeta LSSJ

    Hi, so, someone on deviantART made a Vegeta LSSJ Design so I decided to make it as a player model for esf. Credits go to God Gundam, Kama for the Base Broly Model and the ESF Team for the 1.3 OBF Vegeta Model. Here is what came out: Am I allowed to release it?
  5. Deverz

    Vegeta SSJ2 before Majin?

  6. A

    ESF model reqest: goku jr and vegeta jr

    any body got them??:yes:
  7. dusty122

    vegeta crash

    hello. when ever i go or try to go majin with vegeta as soon it completes the transformation....he dies and it freezes at respawn and crashes. anyhelp? dusty
  8. xShadowZx

    My Work :)

    i was messing around one day with the textures and i tried to make a much better version of the model. hope u guyz like my work:) credits of the model goes to the owner;) Goku Kaioken Form(Front)...
  9. B

    Vegeta SSJ3 Theme

    Hey guys, just found this custom made SSJ3 theme for vegeta and it sounds EPIC, think you should hear it. (Epicness starts at 0:50)
  10. Naturphoenix

    Cool chrome vegeta theme

    Cool Google-Chrome Vegeta theme!
  11. Naturphoenix

    Majin Vegeta

    As requested I did a quick Vegeta in about 30 mins. His one eye needs a touch up, other than that if someone could find this pic with his hair in full id be happy.
  12. UltraVegetto2

    Bebi Vegeta

    Hi I would like to ask you if someone has got a Bebi Vegeta for Esf ecx rc2? Not Bebi Vegeta models, more like a amxx file or something. Thanks, Ultravegetto2.
  13. L

    SSj4 goku and vegeta

    I know these are posted all the time but I realy cant get myne working, I have gotten over 25k ki on both while in standard form, under 5 hp, moon is there, reinstalled big addon pack, reinstalled esf and put big addon pack on again, Is there something Im not doing?
  14. R

    Install Baby Vegeta

    I have downloaded the pack baby vegeta pack, but only the bot Vegeta shows the baby vegeta, i try to choose vegeta training and the other vegeta, i don't see the baby vegeta.. i have installed on esf/models/players
  15. A

    Vegeta was...a gangster

    Doesn't this image remind you of something? In my opinion, before Goku was in the picture, Vegeta, was indeed, a one man mafia, this guy had ties in-between Frieza's minions, the Ginyu Force, and so many other Saiyans. He knew many people, and had reputation as a weakling from his home...
  16. EvolutionX

    Vegeta USSJ!

    Can someone make this Vegeta Model from Davidskiwan ussj? Here is download link!
  17. TAKHAR5000

    Change sounds?

    how do i change the sounds because i wanna change the final flash sound and i converted it to a .wav file and put it in the right place with the right name but when i used the final flash the sound didnt work :( , can sum1 help meeeee???
  18. R

    Need some help

    I don't use steam I use ESF 1.2.3. with ECX RC2 with Big Pack 8.4 I have Half-Life 1 w/ ESF and a Half-Life+CS1.6 combined version I use Router All drivers u2d 2 things i want to ask 1., How to evolve to SSJ4 with Goku or Vegeta? I have 25 million KI in _normal_mode (so in ssj3...
  19. hleV

    Vegeta's 7-Year Training

    Why did Vegeta train for those 7 years between Cell (Cell Games) and Buu (Great Saiyaman) Sagas? I mean... he said to himself that he will never fight again after seeing how he was outmatched by Goku and even his son Gohan (he said that after Super Perfect Cell was destroyed). Was it just...
  20. C

    Vegeta > Majin

    Hey Guys does anyone know how i make Majin Vegeta i have got Big Pack. But it is long time ago where i played ESF / ECX i dun remember how to do xD Would anyone tell me? Thx