1. Rayos

    Umm merry christmas?

    So umm yeai just remembered that today is christmas and no one had a post for a merry xmas so umm yea... MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO OH back hurts :(
  2. ace005


    umm..,what exactly is this?? Weren't the antennas supposed to be INSIDE the ...whateva?
  3. M

    Umm ok let me get this straight...

    I've been intrested in ESF since i've seen it at Cyber Cafe's. A few month's ago I bought a big 'ol Hl2 package including HL2, CSS, HL:S, HL2 DM and so forth. I eagerly checked the forums, only to find ESF woudn't work on HL:S. Ok, so about a week ago I finnaly bought CS 1.6 on Steam, and got...
  4. sjj_gohan

    Umm testing

    Umm my sig breaking any rules? And ummm just testing lol...
  5. K

    Umm help anyone?

    Umm.. yeah this is my first sig ever. So tell me how it is: I am sorta poor, so I can't afford Photoshop, and so I use Gimp. Any help and any comments would be appreciated guys.. Umm, anyone please? lol..
  6. R

    umm, help please :)

    Hi, When I make an server, and is playing then after a while, everything just stop's (mega lagg) So then I have too restart ESF, I tryed too reinstall esf, and whole steam. But it didn't work, still crashing :/ Anyone know what too do? :o
  7. I

    umm can u guys help me

    errr after i dl the game (esfb123.exe). then i instaled it. it laods in and all but wen i try to creat a game it wont start it says. canot read this file in ......... so can some1 help me
  8. Hamppu

    umm wtf?!

    wtf is this? xD when i go to mehh steam and there cs and sprites or models folder.. there is only thous models i've dl:ed wen i entered some server or smthng :| no sight of thous sprites and models that are suppost to be there when u install cs... i had this problem before but now im telling u...
  9. G

    Umm help?

    Ok I installed ESF in the right section and folders and everything but the thing is it won't show up on my STEAM list and when I use the icon it just opens Counter Strike Help?
  10. HellBringer.

    umm lol -_-'

    i dont no if ths is the right section to post this but does anynoe no how to fix this problem im having i cant really explain by i have an example, this is for my internet explorer ok so i go to a site called right n i try to click on a game, for example this one...
  11. jackass5000

    umm any1 know a reason the in-game mp3 player aint working for me?

    said all in title O_O
  12. crazykorean10

    umm hey guys hehe.... i can explain

    well once i left my crappy dad said i could use the comp again i was like O_O and all i have bin doing is waiting so hello.....
  13. V

    Umm Hi

    Ya see I have seen screens of your mod and thoguth it was really cool, however I don't have that quake game and wish I could play by just downloading it. Is there a way to do this?
  14. Growler

    Umm, i need serious help...

    Umm, yeah.. I really want to get into modeling, but i haven't got a clue what I am doing, And the tutorials dont help either because I can't understand their confusing lingo. yeah yeah, dont laugh too hard, i need help
  15. G

    umm a lil help plz..

    first how do u go super sayin??? O_o
  16. S

    umm an atemp to model anything..?

    not sure how to fix the legs like i think i know how it should be done just havent thought up on how to do it using 3d max. any1 wanna tell me what they think?
  17. []Kirby

    umm yeah i dunno where else to put this

    i dunno where else to post this question but what type of 3d modeler do you guys use like (CRAP i forget the higher end one all i remeber is the lower ended free ware version) o well since i can't remeber what its called who uses gmax? lol cause thats pretty good at 3d modeling if you don't...
  18. D

    Umm i kinda need some help

    Ok here we go well i was playing yesterday. And I saw these guys transforming...HOW THE HELL DO U DO THAT? (2)The next thing is how do u get those Green Beans if they are been by the way cause im confused I don’t have a clew I always get beaten up :p i need some help cause the manual...
  19. T

    umm can sum1 recap 4 me

    lol aint played in ages lol i played it whn i went on holiday with my m8 hu plays alot and i decided to download it but i cant remember how to get my scouter and stuff out can neone remind me plz
  20. Delusional


    Can someone make A good Gotenks model...i know theres one on esf world but i don't like the arms.....anyway If u are planning to make a model P.M. me or tell me in this thread. Thnks in Advance. Offtopic: I feel as if i forgot a rule or something :scared: