1. MysticVegeta

    Tapion model reskinned

    I reskinned a tapion model. Its almost ready its with a soundpack too. Credits to Forcefightersz for the model
  2. Death The Jedi


  3. Nuttzy

    ladies and gentlemen, i give you,...HEAD

    IGNORE the innuendo haha i knew it would get your attention, well going with the "creepy" theme thats been coming up as of late i got bored as hell and made a ,.... well dl it and see (its only 29 kb, thats a 30 second download for a 14.4k)
  4. S

    umm my mouse wont' go up or down

    this only happens once i go into an actually game in esf. I dunno how this suddenly happened. I restarted comp also and it didn/t correct it. I dl a few demo's and put them in folder but now they are removed so seems that isnt' the problem. Only other thing i have done since playing last...
  5. S

    is there a way to decompile a PK3 file in milkshape??

    like the title says can any one help me?
  6. SpriGGan

    1.1 Model downloads

    hey sup guys right dont mean to be a noob but are there any 1.1 models avaible for download yet? i checked red saiyen dont think there 1.1 compatable im more consernd on finding trunks ,vegeta ,goku and buu skins any help most welcome cheers guys
  7. M

    GT Dragon Model Release !!!!

    Im planning to combine stuff i found all together this makes the GT Dragon Pack Dragon Model Credits to original Creator of Shenlong Edited by:Imp.GuranGa Blackstar Dragonballs Credits to original creator of the Dragon Balls Edited by ????? Copy and Paste...
  8. K

    any one?

    have a link to an adult gohan in the purple suit?
  9. M

    Rurouni Kenshin Models

    i was wonderin if like sum 1 could possibly make models from rurouni kenshin like kenshin or Xenoske....i want some cool models :cry:
  10. HyperSaiyaman

    Aura Change

    As you all know Cells aura is green but i wanna change it like super saiyan aura (yellow) cuz thats his real aura like this image can confirm.the question is how can i change it?
  11. I

    Need a modeler thats not on a project.

    Well...I started a model, but i got 2 days left on my freeware MS3d (never should a gave my registered one to my cousin) and its gonna take me much longer than that to finish it. I'm trying to make a SamariGoku. Here's a pic... Since beta 1.1 isn't out yet..i have no clue how to make it look...
  12. I

    Need to know were i can find these...

    Does anyone know were i can find a Frieza-final form and a Robo-Frieza (or however it's called and i'm not sure if there is even one). So, if you do know can you let loose and spill? If not, much appresiation for trying :D .
  13. U

    Need Help With Hair

    Well im reskinning (and adjusting the model a little bit) a Bebi Vegeta (not transformed) it was a redsaiyan that i downloaded first before i started reskinning, but my problem is that the hair of that redsaiyan isnt even close to the hair that the bebi vegeta should have but i saw some Vegeta...
  14. B

    Model Pack here (not by me)

    I Have made a model pack AND I HAVE NOT MADE THE models There is problay everything you can think off except of a Frieza model and a Krillin model (I think) :devgrin: I Have found some credits and it goes to : AZN Dragon, Majin Gotenks ESF team members, SS_Vegeta, Mastersurf,D.C...
  15. sexyasian86

    Kid Buu Done.

    well well. i have finally finished it. time to show it off. if you guys have anymore crits, then give them to me. cause i'm not fixing it anymore. i'll have a download link in a couple of minutes. there ya go. enjoy peace! [new project: better bojacks trunks]
  16. Death The Jedi

    1st Grunge

    I made my first grunge thing.. it probably sucks, but let me know what you think.
  17. |Da|K|

    first grunge indy :b

    Hey guyz i'm very proud of my first indy artwork thing.... hope you all like it as well as i do any one see da guy and his sword stuck in da ground??? CRITZ!
  18. The Dark One

    New Kiblast Sprite

    I'm making a new kiblast sprite. Here's a pic from what's it's gonna be, I will post an animated pic later... IF you have any suggestions about the look post it here, I gonna make some more versions and then choose the best...
  19. S

    Chibi Trunks Animator Needed !!!

    Hey There Guys, I need a animator for a Chibi Trunks model ??? Can any of you Animate the model for me ??? We would like to replace Cell or the original trunks with it, so we can use it for our Buu Saga Model Pack ! Let me know ASAP: [email protected] (Also on msn) Greetz...
  20. H

    Dolphin WP

    Dolphins kickass but get no respect i tell ya