1. X

    Umm, WHY?!

    Why didn't you guys release a patch? Do you think everybody is on cable/dsl? I deleted ESF Alpha 2 cause I didn't wanna download the Full version. Its not too late to make a patch I still got the installer and im pretty sure most ppl that have 56k felt or feel like I do. DMZ Better release a...
  2. MaX

    umm esf team members and mods come here

    can u tell me why the irc says Disabled, due to excessive CPU load. whats it mean??? i dont mean to spam or anything so plz help that quesition.. im 11 years old so i dont no what Disabled, due to excessive CPU load. means.. anyway thx for any help i get
  3. God Gundam

    My Cell

    yo look at my cell, he needs a body but tell me what you think so far
  4. [SoB]-Bones-

    How 2 become a Mapper for ESF ?

    Hi I just wanted to ask if u need some additional mapper , building ESF maps ? I really want to help in this great project ( and Mapping is the only thing i can ^^ ) so if u are interested mail me plz ... ByA Bones O_o
  5. Yui Sakura

    Umm just saying hi

    Just saying hi because i'm new ^ ^
  6. Jaredster

    Im new

    hey im a artmaker
  7. Ryoko

    W00t, omg another Ryoko Wallpaper (last one ^^)

    This one is a differnet style, but it turned out well. Kind of plain, but I like it.
  8. D


    Can someone learn me how to model? I got milkshape :]
  9. OneWingedAngel


    Ok I was wondering how you can make an Image kinda fade into the background or blend I guess you could say. Please help me I'm useing Photoshop 7
  10. OneWingedAngel


    Hey, Umm I noticed you guys in the Known Bugs Thread theres one about getting stuck in first person I know this has happened to me. But it only happens to me when I'm up near a wall I'm assuming its because of the wall and the camera stops before it goes into third person(Hits the wall and makes...
  11. Effigy

    Request of SSJ proportions

    Umm.... I suppose this is where ure meant to put in your OWN models, but this is a request... does ne1 have a ssj brolli model? cause i really want one... plz thnx neway
  12. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin vegeta model

    can some 1 get me a pic of a majin vegeta model
  13. OneWingedAngel

    Umm Dragon Balls w00t!

    Yeah I understand this is a n00b question and i dun have alot of time to check for the answer so i'll just ask it. Ok the Dragon gives you wishes but i'd like to know some things hes capable of doing. And please don't flame me...
  14. S

    well i made......

    well i made a aura skin for esf... you can go check it out here and ill like your rateing on it btw its is my first one so dont be so harsh....
  15. xstortionist

    Finally!! Perfect Cell is Finished

  16. Big Bang Attack

    Where Do You Get please read

    Where do you get your pics for sig people out there who do then i just want to know so i can do some work on them thanks
  17. S


    well, i have tryied to make maps on worldcraft, But I dont get anything on the map when I am finish..... Maybe just Filled with bugs, I mislike it..... well, just forget it :\
  18. SierraSonic

    Umm... Deverz

    What was the warning for? The topic was just in the wrong forum. sry.
  19. OneWingedAngel

    umm lets see if my sig work...

    ok here it is..... oh ya this is my first every attemp to make a sig! so bare wit me. also if it don't work, could someone tell me what i should do!
  20. OneWingedAngel

    Sig Help

    umm ok i was wondering is there anyway i can upload a Sig to my signature? if not can someone host mine!?