1. Dokutayuu

    Steam Display Tweak

    This is a tiny change that can be done by anyone but gives credit to the esf team. If you change the liblist slightly to this (only the top part shown) // Earth Special Forces Game Info file game "Earth`s Special Forces Open Beta" developer "ESF Team" url_info ""...
  2. |Overlord|

    Ki blob tweak

    I think the blast radius from ki blobs that get nuked with a beam/ball attack should be reduced. Rather then depending on the attack itself, I think it should consist of how many ki blasts actually formed that blob or the power of the attack used to nuke (IE: how strong that attack was, how long...
  3. $sj Goku


    Ok guys like said in some other thread IM ON A ROLE WITH THESE IDEAS THEY Keep coming :D OK SO HERE GOES... ok adv melee yea.. eh :/ it seems kinda slow and the animation aren't fluint at all... so.... HOW ABOUT THIS??? THE SAME ADV MELEE CONCEPT EXCEPT When the players...
  4. $sj Goku

    Renzoku Tweak

    I think the renzoku is useless an takes up too much ki... they should make it way more accurate so it can have some use in the game
  5. D

    Spirit Bomb tweak......

    Simple idea for spirit bomb,make it to where there is a second gauge for the energy of living thing,or what the spirit bomb is made of.Make it to where when you use it the guage decrases depending on how long you charge it,and when it goes down it goes back up at a set speed.So that ppl can just...
  6. Damian

    Tweak the Transformations for 1.3

    As everyone knows transformations are the point where the character reaches a new form of power. The transformations for Esf 1.2 are really good for there first transformations but can be tweaked a bit. I know there will be new transformations for 1.3 and I figure they should be more astounding...
  7. U

    DiskGuiding - Tweak Suggestion

    I've suggested this idea 2 times before. But each time for a different version of ESF, as esf is constantly experimenting and changing it's gameplay. I think the idea should be re-entered for each new version that's found fitting. And now with ESF 1.2, (assmuning 1.3 will be somewhat simular...
  8. U

    Double Tap Tweak

    I've searched threads but all suggesting to remove the double tap. I'm not suggesting that so i didn't want to put this in someone elses thread. Suggestion: Why couldn't swooping work like this. It would be just as difficult except it would be faster to do. Thus increasing the gamespeed...
  9. B

    Will this tweak guide help my geforce2 mx much? will that make my card go much faster?? i dont want to screw it up
  10. Mr. Satans

    Performance Tweak (FPS/Comp Lag)

    THIS WILL WORK FOR NORMAL CLIENTS AND SERVERS At the System Properties Window (control panel -> system) 1. Get rid of system restore (turn it off) (system restore option) 2. Uncheck the automatic updates (Automatic option) 3. In the advanced setting go for performance settings.Adjust...
  11. M

    1.2 combo tweak

    Hey i dont know if this has been suggested, couldnt find it anywhere... I just thought about - what if u made it like in advanced mellee every char has a different or several different special combos, so that when u press the excact right combination of weak and strong attacks and its not...
  12. imkongkong

    cell form 2 tweak

    its funny when i transform to the 2nd form of imperfect cell.. he's smaller then the first one.. im suggesting that it would be tweaked to be as large as the frieza form 2, becuase cell form 2 was actually much bulkier, maybe even the same size as the frieza form 2
  13. S

    Questions about Tweak Subjects

    On some threads there are things about the refresh rate and vsync that help increase the performance of the game. I wanna know how they are related to increasing the fps and such.
  14. I

    cell jr SKIN

    i have re-edited this Cell Model which was NOT!! made by ME!! ICEMAN!! i RESKINNED it.. although i did NOT model it... is that clear for yall crits... ok now here's the link credits to: i do not know... if anyone recognizes that model and know who made it please inform me A.S.A.P and once...
  15. G

    Tweak Now

    This not advertisement I'm just simple stating this. For all those people who have low RAM or slow computers you might want to try Tweaknow. It frees up some of your RAM on your computer, in which case speeds up your computer. It comes with a free trial just incase you don't like it. Like when...
  16. I

    torso making tut! the torso making tut u may have to rename .ace to .zip or something anyway have fun and learn from it.....