1. MrPlow

    Best programming tutorials?

    Well the university i'm at seems to think that none of the students there ever saw a PC since we don't have any programming classes until the 2nd year and all we do is screw around in MS Office. So i'm bored and want to learn something useful. So anyway i'm wondering does anyone know any good...
  2. D

    little help with tutorials for blender

    hi all, i tried to find a character tutorial where you learn how to model with a background image but so far no succes maybe one of you guys know where to find one.. i found one but they ask money for it ^^ pls don't post try google.. this is a help thread so i expect serious help and not...
  3. Viper

    GoldSource Coding Tutorials

    As the title says, i'm looking for a starter's goldsrc sdk tutorial. Prob is that i can't find any... Any help would be appreciated.
  4. LionHeart

    Need tutorials

    So I decided to get back to modeling only this time it's gonna be in 3D studio max, I know there are alot of tutorials for it out there the only question is this... Can you recomend me one of the best? Thx in advance.
  5. Teddy

    decompiling/compiling player model tutorials

    I'd be someone's best friend if they gave me a tutorial on how to decompile/compile.
  6. SS_gohan44

    Skinning tutorials

    does anyone have any good tutorials that i can use for photoshop because i want to learn how to skin better because i suck ;D
  7. gokuss2

    I search tutorials of animation 3ds max

    HI I am creating a mod of dragon ball for hl2 RPG, and already I have the model of goku small, but nose that tool max uses in 3ds to encourage, some person can give me a good tutorial of animation with 3ds max, to jump to move and quite thank you
  8. Mistik

    Modeling Tutorials

    Alright, Im about to engage into total noob mode here so bare with me. I have just downloaded 3D Studio Max 7.0. And as I opened it I found myself mesmorized by its large array of buttons, all of which I had no clue what they were used for o_o. I tampered around a bit, I ended up making an...
  9. Theoboy

    Max Tutorials?

    Is there someone there knows some tutorials for modeling in 3DS Max? I really hope there is someone there can help me.
  10. J-Dude

    Creating a DBZ Aura in 3DSMax: Any Methods, plugins or Tutorials (vid, not game)

    Hey, I've been trying forever to create a true-to-show DBZ aura in 3DSMax (I have version 7) and though I have a small method, its not especially realistic or render-friendly. I want to make it just like in DBZ, of course having a cavity in the middle like a real aura. This is for video, so it...
  11. T

    Models tutorials + program.. where can i find it

    Hey.. does anyone know where to get a good modeling tutorial where there is also a tutorial on how to animate the models. Also a good palce to find a nice program to be making your models.. Plz help
  12. PiXel

    Mini Tutorials

    Well i gues there some of us who done such lil tuts for someboddy else or for the puplic... im going to share mine with you: Rendering in lwo: low sized tut (model mesh done by cholden on the polycount forums): High sized tut (model mesh done by cholden on the polycount forums)...
  13. Grundig29

    skinning tutorials

    Are there any skinning tutorials? HELP?
  14. L

    Animation Tutorials...

    Animation/Rigging Tutorials... Hey everyone, this is the first time ive done this but.. Ive been dieing to find a good animation/rigging tutorial for 3d studiomax, Ive been around searching.. and all ive found are tutorials for 3dsm 1,2,3 D: Nuttzy or someone who can animate in max, have any...
  15. Gama

    Signatures Tutorials

    Here is a tut for a sig if anyone would like to add other sig tuts to this thread feel free. Made by Cross: For Photoshop Made by Cross: For Photoshop Made by Cross: For Photoshop
  16. darkganon

    I need help finding tutorials for 3ds max 6.0

    Ummm hello im wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials for 3ds max 6.0 on helping me make a human model. If anyone knows please tell me.
  17. I

    tutorials for wings 3d

    is there any good tuts or making characters in wings 3d
  18. S

    Skinning tutorials

    Can someone tell me where can I get a tutorial about skinning a 3d mesh in 3DS MAX 7?
  19. S

    Tutorials >;o!

    well ive just been looking through ESF world, and seen the tutorials there. A nice Melee explanation done by Carnage, nice and informative teaching you all you need to know for some decent fights, and Chakra X's New Flash tutorial, which is very nicely done, well structured and pretty nice to...
  20. Enix

    Misc. skinning tutorials

    Thought i would start a thread on this ;o. I made a tutorial for gir and I thought someone around here could use it. Its just on how i make basic bandages,it's not the most indepth tut, but it might help: If you want me to make some more just post area you want me to make, this will be a...