1. P

    can u turn ssj3? im a newb

    can u turn ssj3? i was wondering
  2. sub

    How do you turn off detailed textures?

    Just a quick question, is there a way to turn detailed texures off?
  3. U

    Turn sma into mdl

    Ok ive read the stickys so you can forget telling me that ;D because what im doing is litterly taking a piece of a model player and turning it into an object, I took scuba diver mld and deleted everything but the tank and tried to save it then it said I need bones so I made a join going fromt...
  4. X

    Need help installing a Joypad/Gamepad/Joystick (Nowhere to turn)

    The other day I went to EB Games and bought a Gamepad/Joystick for my PC and certain games, I try to install it but the intructions are inaccurate, and i'd ask at the site or call the people that made it but oddly enough there is no brand name, and there is no phone number, its a PS2-like...
  5. B

    ... emptyness ...

    Sometimes I don't want to face life Sometimes I feel empty inside But every moment is precious And everyone will turn to dust meh, third work, 4 hours of work (from 1:17 am till 5:22 am) couldnt sleep eheh :p
  6. L

    can i have baby vegita

    can i have baby vegeta and ssj baby vegeta if checked everywere stickies and search i alrady did a post but no one ansewerd humpzor did but they didnt work plz thanks can i have vegeta ssj4 also i found it but no files i it send to this e-mail and tell me if u do send them so i...
  7. Z

    goku ssj

    here it is i put alot of efot in this and soem friends helpt me with it cous i usualy do proportions wrong ty to = fingerbonenail and kaiosin{ww}
  8. M

    Gogetta WIP

    so far, fat up the top from side on, thin on the bottom. 655 polies
  9. Yazuken

    How do you make water?

    Hi, i dont know how to make water, can someone tell me how to?
  10. MinesSkylineR34

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi WP

    woohoo 10 minutes of nothing hehehe http://www.deviantart.com/view/2435902
  11. VivaLaPineapple


    comments and critz welcome. yeah its celia from iidx
  12. Vashusa

    .MD3 to .SMD

    i need help with my milkshape. i'm trying to turn a md3 file to an smd file with no success. if someone knows how can u plz tell me.
  13. B

    i'm looking for animator for a pokmon mod

    i know the most of you people dobnt like pokemon so if you dont like it dont read this post. The best pokemon mod named "pokemod" is looking for an animator, you dont have to be good but you have to be able to make some basic movements like idle animations and some attacks. The mod is...
  14. steve-o

    Vegeta.. needs critz

    Ok it aint finshed yet but here it so so far.. (btw this is my 3rd model in this style.. so dont blame me if it suxs) Ref pic: Pollys : 244
  15. sexyasian86

    NEW Bojacks Trunks

    hello, i'm practically done with my trunks, just need to find a rally good skinner to skin the front part of his chest. need to skin the rest of the sword strap. if u can see it. i used brollman edit of his trunks. and wh00t got this need skinner to help me with that damn strap...
  16. Death The Jedi


    I made another wall paper, it's not great, I know, but here it is: I'll take all criticism you want to give me, (I know I need it). If you like it, feel free to rip it and use it for whatever you want, but I doubt anyone likes it.
  17. E

    Gundam WallPaper

    I got bored today and tried to expriment alittle with the brush again. It didnt turn out as well as I thought it would but i tried.
  18. B

    how do i turn super saiyan

    i have a question in controls thier is no button to turn super saiyan or whatever i dont get it how come i cant even if i get to the minuimum power lvl somone can plz help thanks.
  19. SSJ n00b

    look me mystic gohan red suit skin

    http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/ssjn00b/ggft.JPG edit and how i turn smd in mdl
  20. S

    how do i turn a ms3d file in to a mdl file plz help me

    hi peeps i have editoed a model ( because i carnt model to save my life lol) and i dont no how to turn it into a mdl file can any one help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!