1. M

    A glitch in the models!

    ive noticed in some maps... ( like rosat) that the characters in some places of the map turn all black! I was playing one time and all of a sudden my character is just black. Im not sure what is wrong with it.. if its just me... but if its not ? maybe fix that:p Does that happen to anyone else?
  2. V

    Is there a way to turn up the Turbo mode speed when flying a little?

    I was just wondering if theres a way to script or edit a file to make turbo flying a little faster? Thanks for any help!
  3. A

    How do even get ur guy t turn super sayian?!

    I cant figure out how to even turn ssj... i hit the requied power level...but what do i do after that?
  4. G

    how do u turn ON transformation effects??

    ok i just downloaded the .zip file and played a game of esf. Whenever i try to transform, i hear the transformation sounds and music and all, but i see no effects like the aura and all that stuff. Like goku, when i transform he just stands there for a while and nothing happening around him...
  5. B

    How u turn SSj?

    Uhhh how do u turn Ssj? i was up to 25,000,000 withought turbo What power level do u have to be?
  6. Emeka650


    Im trying to make textures in my paintshop pro and adobe photoshop.But i dont know how to make them textures to put in valve.They say you need wad file.How do i turn them into wad files
  7. Jonka

    Average sig?

    Well this sig I made is for the game battlefield 1942 and I made it for the forums of the clan Im in and havent posted it yet so need comments on if anyhting needs to be changed.
  8. I

    New animation..better?

    hey here new animation i made it with biped and after that put it on the model.. which i better don't do again cus then it kinda looks **** after all... but the animation it self ain't bad:) http://www.dragonballu.com/vegetabox.zip
  9. A

    psp transparency

    alright, how do I make a transparent background save without changes with paint shop pro or animation shop? I try but when I save it always makes the image opaque, or if theres any blur in the animation it will harden it and it looks ***, how can I fix that?
  10. Koren

    SSJ? can u turn it off and on

    can u turn off ssj when u have turned it on sorry for being a n00b but hey i have been watchin this mod from day 1 and i want know
  11. saiyanslayer

    how do you turn off music?

    I've looked and couldn't find anything on this soo here i post. The music is good but i can't hear if someone is chaging behind me with it on!!! in the beta version, could you tone down the bg music?
  12. S

    can you turn super saiyan

    could someone plz tell me if you can turn super saiyan
  13. S

    can u turn super saijin

    can u turn super saijin if u can plz tell me how or if u can't tell me when u will be able to turn super saijin later on it esf.
  14. K

    how do i turn into sper sayin

    yo guys :) how do i turn into super sayin and is version 2.0 da newest 1????? well thanx
  15. S


    well, i made my own cinder skin, and i cant skin worth a ****, so here ya go... i tried to go for the evil look, and i used joe's boots and pants just till i finish my own... heres a pic of my n00b skin...
  16. B

    buu (gotenks) model

    it is my firs model using 3d studio max
  17. Ecchi Pr0n

    help ]V[ajin make a map

    in this post i will ask you guys questions and if you know the anserw tell it how do i make things be able to be destructable