1. S

    Does it?

    I'm new in this, but I wanted to know, if I have CS 1.6 steam, will it work if I install ESF on it? If not, I also heard that ESF will work on the HL demo, is that true?
  2. Barney

    True Blood

    Anyone else watch it. This season, so far, is absolutely amazing. Paralleling crazy anti-vampire Christian camp with crazy demonic orgies. This show keeps getting better and better. Best part about the show though, quite a lot of titties.
  3. Kaination

    That is true! Now way like a new way!

    Anyone else getting these PM's? I've gotten two with a link included. I have no idea what the link it, it crashes my firefox. i know they're bots but does anyone know what the link is?
  4. Dzamija

    The true fathers of heavy metal.

    I had this argument with a friend of mine today at school, as we differed in opinions on who had exactly formed heavy metal, back in the 70's. I firmly stated that it was Black Sabbath, because without Tony Iommi's pioneering metal riffs, heavy metal would be a lot different today, if not...
  5. final shine

    backmasking, true ?

    well i foud this last night listend to some backmasked songs(backmasking means hideing subliminal mesages in songs ,and u can only hear them when played backwards) and theyre kida creepy ,maybe some of u know abbot this but i'd like to hear more opinions , 2 examples from the loads out there...
  6. Pieter Paul Rubens

    It's funny 'cuz it's true.. yup..
  7. I

    The True Artist OpenCanvas thread where I(myself) and TryForce(Pixel) will post art

    We start this thread with some doodles. More to come in the evening and everyone is welcome to join us:)
  8. ~*Logan*~

    If it sounds too good to be true...

    Ok I'm confused. Anyone ever heard of Neither have I, until just recently. I'm a member of a site called (no. it is NOT a porn site). It's a website that operates a lot like myspace, but with less features. You post a pic and a short profile, and people go around...
  9. Devion

    Reversed HyperThreading, could it be true?

    Introduction Nearing the launch of the Intel Core 2 Duo, also known as Conroe, AMD seems to have a secret weapon. Although by some hard and software experts called bogus, Reversed HyperThreading seem the most logical advancement for this time. Now that most programs are still single...
  10. J-Dude

    Global Warming: Absolutely True, or Sadly False? (Discuss & Vote)

    A big thing anymore that has filled the news and turned the world to panic is the theory of Global Warming, which most people seem to believe is coming into fruition after much speculation since its introduction in 1989. The Politico-Legal-Media Complex (PLM) has told us almost indefinitely...
  11. W

    too hard to be true

    I dont understand how some1 can be so good at this game.. are tey really goku? I mean **** how the hell are some people so goddamn good? you teleport, swoop around evreywhere and they still nail you. Im by all means no noob. I can easyly do combos and etc.. im a average player. But some of these...
  12. O

    True art!

    I searched for the link and didn't find so I guess it wasn't posted before... Enjoy :]
  13. Z

    Can this possibly be true?

    Read this guys...and see what i mean. We don't allow outwar links or similar forms of advertising for personal gain which are deceptive. Keep it kosher. ~Boyster
  14. V

    ITS 2 PERFECT 2 be true

    guys the movie is perfect the moves are perfect the tounts are perfect so what are you waiting 4? lounch the game i think we waited enaugh
  15. RavenTrunks

    True DBZ Beam Starts

    suggestion from a bt! ohnoes! put it up for public opinion.. Ok before I start, excuse me for my crappy mspaint jobs.. Okay, before I heard that beams cant really flare out because its only one sprite thats round and faces your screen. Well I have an idea that gives those flare effects...
  16. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    animation based on a true thing :P

    well....reading on the offtopic section, I saw a topic wich a friend of our;s was talking about a bad day that he had....and reading it....I wanted to remake the action that were it is..... hope joo don't be sad on me 4...
  17. Cold Steel

    Omg, true beauty !

    dj's journal. Check it out, this will be my favorite map in ESF !
  18. I

    GTA-3/VC vs. True Crimes

    I don't know if this thread has been mentioned yet, but whats better, gta or true crimes? My vote is gta, care to share your opinions.
  19. Soulicro

    B2's true potential

    I did not write this. It is quoted from another site, which I do not know the name off (Got if off of another site that quoted it off of that site) So there you have it folks. That is Budokai 2's true potential. It takes practice, but what doesnt? This also adds more depth into the game...
  20. bapplebo

    The TRUE hero of DBZ WIP

    Mr. Satan WIP Teh Mr. Satan. Thanks shijing for inspiration. Coming in at 290 polys. Totally strange. I looked at shijing's old Mr. Satan (through HLMV) and it resembled him, but didn't give a striking image of him.