1. Arctiq

    Sonic the Hedgehog Characters w/ Trans?

    I was wondering if, when ESF is released, someone can make most-- if not all -- Sonic characters with their trans :) That would be so freakin epic! <------ Sonic fan boy here :P
  2. zmaster

    mid combo trans

    Will u be able to trans during mid-combo to put in more damage
  3. E

    Question/concern 1.3 Trans PL requirement

    I wanted to respond to something a dev posted in another topic but i didn't want to hijack sooo... I can understand the need to train in your ssj form before you move in to ssj2 but are the PL requirements going to be the same as 1.2.3? It took quite some time to get to say vegeta and...
  4. EvolutionX

    Trans Aura

    Hey guys, where can i find Crossroads or Xroads Program to make mdl files in to wrl. I need for transformation aura. Can someone give me link or help me in another way?! Thanks in forward ;)
  5. EvolutionX

    Trans Aura!

    Can someone help me with the trans aura to made them diferent like this TNX!:yes:
  6. K

    Trans option

    I like how in tenkaichi you can press a certain button and transform into ss1, ss2 or ss3 at will. if you have enough power I hope you can press the trans button and get a option of trans you can turn into Rather then tranform 3 times to get ss3 . Also a real working scouter would be cool .One...
  7. J

    ECX RC2 goku SJJ4 trans

    Sorry people for posting this i think its not allowed but i cant find any good sites to find help esf-world is offline and i have no choice. :( So this is the thing, i installed esf1.2.3 and then ecx rc1 and ecx rc2 with a BigPack 8.4 but i watched those videos on youtube how to transform...
  8. The Deco

    PS trans thingie

    While I ps and I want to trans I can trans (Thats good xD) But if like, I look sideways and then trans then my characters animation is continuing the PSing animation but he shows the character looking sideways.
  9. R

    New style trans

    I have an idea: in the series, when the characters transform, they don`t do like in esf, where they just make a couple effects...In the series, when they transform they stay with the "turbo aura"..For example, when beeing goku in perfect trans, you not only transform instantanely, but also make...
  10. Grim Reaper

    cell's ultimate trans

    Will Cell have his ultimate trans (his chest without shine and bigger muscle) like in dbz?
  11. Zeonix

    Ginyu Trans Bug

    I think it's a bug anyway. I got my buddy, Guldo, and I switched to him and killed Ginyu. Then I killed myself. When I respawned, I was still Guldo and couldn't switch back to Ginyu or "trans" into a higher buddy (not that I think it's possible; I was kinda hoping I could descend or ascend back...
  12. M

    Suggestion: Ascend/turbo while swooping (only if you have perfect trans pl)

    Hey, i was just thinking about this.. in the series (i believe future trunks somewhere near the cell games sage or android saga) trunks is trying to keep up with vegeta and leaves the ground swooping as normal... while swooping he transforms to ssj.. perhaps this could be in esf 1.3? What...
  13. Mobius ^^


    I'm just sitting here wondering Is it possible to trans to ssj2,ssj3 etc etc in the open beta? If this has been answered somewhere else i apoligize for not looking trough the forums closer.
  14. Andy011

    Goku Fast Trans Sound

    Well, here you go: Goku Fast Trans (IN ENGLISH!!!) So, what do you think, should I upload this baby to Esf-World? o.o It might sound a bit scratchy :p But trust me, it sounds A LOT better in-game. Try it out yourself ;)
  15. Mobius ^^

    Beam trans thingie

    So this has been on my mind for quite some time, and now i finally remembered to post the question. Are you going to have the abillity to transform while in a beam struggle? cause you know that's cool. :cool:
  16. Punishing

    My Trans sound for Goku

    This is a sound for Goku's tranformation in Super Saiyan from episode 229.
  17. KidMan

    Question about Trans

    So in 1.3 are the transes for the characters going to be like the show? Like when Goku went SSJ3, is he going to have the golden ball aura around him? Also, How long will the transes last for the first time?
  18. KidMan

    Perfect Trans

    I think this should be the perfect trans for 1.3 The one they have in 1.2.3 is kinda weird cause all of a sudden a buble thing explodes from you. It should just be an aura that encases your body liek in the show.
  19. -Blaze-

    1st time ssj trans

    will in esf 1.3 be trans like? : Goku - hair will go up and after 3 secs starts to glow like ssj hair - anyway like in show. Gohan - mabe make it like he's standing and he starts to glow, then turns aura and hes ssj :idea: . Trunks - make it like cyborg freeza saga. Vegeta - Falls on his...
  20. Kaination

    New trans Sounds :o

    Well, these are the new transformation sounds. I'm currently working on them. GOKU First time transforming Second transforming thing...