1. B

    Training For More Power Idea

    I've been thinking about an idea here. In dbz Goku and Vegeta and the others were training to get power so i was thinking. What about in Esf:Final being able to gain power by blasting beams, hitting and kicking out in the air until your energy runs out one or serveral times and then you get...
  2. FalconFury

    I need a some training Lessons

    I am lost, I have nothing else to do but trying to make a map by myself. Could you guys help me out so I can make map? and modeling to? I have trouble making things by my own and I really need some help PLEASE and i will listen to every word what you said without slipping.
  3. C

    Body training

    Hey guys, its Alex here. Ive posted this thread because i want opinions on how i should go about training my body to gain definition on the build i currently have. I work in a nightclub and i work with guys who have absolutely amazing bodies, im not jealous...i just feel left out.. Ive been...
  4. C


    Hey guys, dont know if this is the right section to post this in but its Help And support right? Ok ive been playing Esf for the past 4-5 years and my skills are getting a bit rusty.. Im looking for a teacher to train me :) In game name: Core - G | Alex Server Location : Europe
  5. hleV

    Vegeta's 7-Year Training

    Why did Vegeta train for those 7 years between Cell (Cell Games) and Buu (Great Saiyaman) Sagas? I mean... he said to himself that he will never fight again after seeing how he was outmatched by Goku and even his son Gohan (he said that after Super Perfect Cell was destroyed). Was it just...
  6. Jay


    Hey what do you think about training? Like playing without bots but by pressing the left click(punch) and right click(kick) in the air the the powerlevel increasing slowly??it'll be bad ass i'd really want to see that cuz often i want to train than playing with bots... And wouldn't be great if...
  7. Voxfire


    I feel like I've reached my limit without a pro training me. I can go no further by myself or with bots. PM me if your interested. Thanks.
  8. T

    Piccolo training Gohan wip

    I got head. I'm surprised at how fairly well it went to create his hair. I thought i would be scratching my hair more. Still it's not attached to the head yet and that's going to be another hassle. Please give your comments. :smile:
  9. Fusion Ha


    Right, this may sound odd, but being gone for quite some time I now stink once more at ESF. I'm looking for a kind player that will help me get back on my feet again, seeing as other players always seem to try to get me of my feet. My email/MSN is [email protected] I'm dutch btw ^^
  10. Arsenovicius

    Avanced Training Demo.

    well after i saw a topic about it..i made a demo. To work this demo u have to do : 1 : Extract the .rar file to esf directory 2 : Lunch game 3 : type in console "Viewdemo" and the demo name. Then in case you can't see the model.. u can type "thirdperson" There you go I d like this demo...
  11. D


    Hey folks, I have come to the conclusion that... I suck ass. I am learning to teleport/dodge enemy melees, which is my main problem, but I can never get it right. Right after I teleport, I am attacked. If I try and attack right after I teleport, I can't aim it right fast enough and either...
  12. Arnoud666

    Training Battlegrounds

    Hi guys! i've not played esf for a while and i am not in condition :cry: and i need to learn tricks like this: Swoop Melee.Combo's.And just good stuff. i just played online yeah.. well i sucked realy..O_o who wanna train me i need some skill. and i got an question. some dude who has evm(...
  13. kam!


    Well I got into ESF again some days ago. And I thought that a training partner would be good :D I'm no pro or very good player, but I'm no noob (I would say about average). So if anyones's interested, just pm me. People from Europe preferred (pingwise).
  14. Ace.AnimangaXD


    Hey! here is a tip 4 everyone that's new to this game like me (played 4 like 2 Months). Play it with some friends (if u have any) over LAN. it works ;)
  15. S

    Personal training.

    I would like for someone to contact me and help me with my ESF training. Please PM me your AIM name if you are willing to help me. Thank you.
  16. Killface

    Starting drivers training soon!

    Yeah, Im gonna start drivers training soon, probably in May. Im starting really late actually. Right now i am 15, and I turn 16 on September 30th. Everyone else at school that is my age has already taken it... except my neighbor and good friend Wyatt... We will take it together. But thats not...
  17. T

    Training bots??

    I know I am new, and all.. But I have been playing solo trying to learn the ropes, and have to ask.. Has anyone thaught of Making a King Kai Training Bot?? Like a single player level, or levels that teach new players how to play?? Just a Question/suggestion.. Take it for what it is worth.
  18. Numenor

    Angle/turbo Training

    Would anyone be willing to give me some advice or maybe a training session on angling ? i feel that angling and fighting with turbo are the two main areas that are holding be back from being "Clan good" I understand the principle of angling ( hitting them on the side so as not to get a head on )...
  19. Smeg

    Training to get better

    I am at this stage at the moment were I can't seem to get any better. Playing against bots isn't helping even the ultra guy that has a 25mill start off is too predictable. I play online mostly, but I can't get any better playing against n00b's who kick you off their server because you can beat...
  20. D

    training mode

    since ESF gains alot of new people everyday why not have a training mode instead of continually saying "read the manual" Training modes: basic movement basic melee advanced melee throwing teleporting blocking power/block struggling beaming/beamjumping along with various other things