1. M

    Gohan and Picollo

    skinned by me :) my friend yorkes gohan.
  2. Ranma

    Are some maps the same in beta?

    Sorry if this has been asked/told, but will any of the maps in alpha be in beta, or are you making new ones. Also if they'll be some old ones, will they be changed to look better when transfering over to beta? I know your making new maps for beta (right?) but i'm just seeing if the old ones...
  3. Chimpbot

    Janenba! Have a Looksee!

    Well.. Somebody asked for it.. So I delivered.... JANENBA! I'm not too sure of my opinion on this one... I know it has some major flaws... Well... you guys do your thing. Comment, etc.
  4. Y

    Tien in ESF?

    Does this mean that tien might be in future ESF realeses?
  5. S

    Which site?

    Which site do you guys like better? This one at Http://dinclined.oktagone.net or..
  6. Majin Vegeta 05

    how big

    how big are the new maps?
  7. S

    Hammer/World Craft help

    I get this problem too many ...... times and it's driving me ........ crazy!!! Each time I start up hammer it freezes. I made a hammer "log" in my head. Here is what happened in the past hour: start Hammer open map stops when I make a new brush freezes restart start...
  8. R

    My First Skin (Rikimaru)

    This is my second model ever with my first skin ever... I know there are problems this way and that... but I'm satisfied I guess... Um, if someone can tell me... I'm using 3ds Max 4... on all the multiple uvw unwraps I saved the thing (uvw)... was that neccessary for each one? also.. I have a...
  9. ?

    u need to see this great and brilliant work

    *;/* *Cucumba!*
  10. T

    Iconz Gotenks Model Skinned (W.I.P.)

    just finshed the upper body...
  11. Z

    MAPS for S.....

    Single Player: okay ive posted this in Suggestions but if anyone would have Single player then we have to make the maps so pleaz read my post in suggestions or click and imaginage the maps in ur head and make them!here
  12. T

    DBU piccolo skin... (W.I.P)

    iconz modeled it.. im doing it for dbu tell em what you think so far
  13. Z

    How Do I Make A MAP?????

    okay i would like to know how i can make a map and what programs to use??? and then a torturial (i Think its called that!) weel somebody tell me!
  14. N

    ssj4 gogeta skin

    can anyone make that ????
  15. R

    Mapper needed?

    Hi people, I wanted to ask if u could use a few good maps. I'm an experienced mapper so I'm no n00b... Maybe I can send a few example map if you would like....... Does anybody have a few good ideas for maps that aren't created yet? 1 more thing: I'm not sure if this is the right topic 4...
  16. G

    hollow or solid?

    I am making a model right now, and so far I got the wall to the leg, only problem thing that I need to know is do the models need to solid? or can they be hollow and still do animations? I was thinking they can be hollow because if they were solid the models number of polys would be high as...
  17. Antoine3323

    Vassago Interview

    I just found an old interview that Vassago did from a while back. It was on a CS skin site, and I just happened to see it. It's Vassago's brown-eye! I can't think of a title :e by Sovkhan Interview Date | 05/12/01 Sovkhan: I know you started out skinning for CS, this was way back...
  18. Akhkaru

    Creating a Female Saiyajin Model!!!

    As the topic says, I'm creating a Female saiyajin model, It'll look sucky but I'll try! Her name is Talipuu, mother of Gokuu. It is a fact, because In the manga series she is there with bardock and their son. Before the Saiyajin's sent him to Earth.
  19. Akhkaru

    Making a .MS3D file a .MDL

    How do you make a milkshape model file a Half-Life model?
  20. D

    Planet Vegeta Map

    for a map, we need planet vegeta, where the gravity would be 10 times greater, so your pl would increase just by walking around, even though i know you cant do that. but we do need a map of planet vegeta, and maybe higher gravity... maybe....