1. Vegito1180

    New Sig

    What Do u Think Of My New Sig?
  2. X

    Bling Bling! LOL Tell me what ya think....

    Most of you may have noticed this from previous posts... But what do you all think about my new Sig/Avatar :P The avatar is just a "Screen" Cap but it fits :p I r the l3373$t Black Swordsman LOL j/k sorry im hyper :p
  3. DaKD

    Site update

    Well i updated my site after being told like 40 times to do so well go see it if u want oyea the ssj3 goku on there is my latest one www.geocities.com/javkrd20/index.html
  4. rabid ostrage


    Hey guys, I just wanted too kno is someone working on a piccalo model? like him with a cape or something. Cause I think piccalo is really cool but his ESF model is kinda lame. I want it like AzNs battle damaged Gohan model. that is sweet
  5. O

    ---Launch as a character---

    im busy and will never get around to it but my idea was to add a female character for a change. Instead of using powers she could use weapons Attacks: these wepons fire Beams or Energy balls except for the Rocket Launcher which fires well... a rocket Pistol Shotgun(with spread...
  6. Demi-Shadow

    I want to model, MS3D doesn't want meh to...

    ok... milkshape won't load, says that warning about the current time, so i press yes, and it starts loading, gets to the first screen and says it caused and error and I have to close it. Ive heard about these mesa.dll's but i'm either installing them wrong or they don't work as they come up with...
  7. Mewtwo

    New Sig

    I made a new sig in paint shop pro, Nice? or No Nice? What changes should I make?
  8. A


    guys ... can any1 be kind enough to recolor the battle damaged gohan's hair to make it look black ? so he will have a regular form and a transform ;/ i will be greatfull and many others that im sure that they want the same thing
  9. R@!D3R

    -=I am disgusted.... Concerning All Forum members=-

    Ok, I just want to speak my mind here about what I think of some of the posters here. Why don't some of you think before you post or at least explain what you are saying. The reason this post goes in modelling is because it concerns a really talented modeller MysTic_Ryu or Azn.. He was working...
  10. TehMuffinMan

    need help with Aura models

    well, i am buisy playing with the auras and makin them look kool but i cannot find the trasformation auras, does anyone know where it is??:S
  11. Wuying Ren

    battel damage question

    Why is everyone making batteldamage models ? O_o Look at this It is realy good ! But it whould be better if it is without batteldamage. But that is just my option
  12. SSj Goten

    Omg Ive Posted This 3 Times!!!!

    Ive Tried Making A Kid Trunks Model Like 2329018313246198 Times and Can Someone Make Me A Model Please?I Want SSj and Normal Forms Id Love a Chibi Trunks Model
  13. SSj Goten

    Model Request

    Ive Tried Making A Kid Trunks Model Like 2329018313246198 Times and Can Someone Make Me A Model Please?I Want SSj and Normal Forms :tired: Id Love a Chibi Trunks Model ;D
  14. X

    Map I idea u will all LUV -- Request --

  15. P

    how many times can u transform?

    how many times can u transform goku or the sayins? just once? or can u go up to SS4! also cell and frieza...just once?
  16. C


    is there a way to build a round world like king kai's place becauce u have to change gravity or somtinh to walk around it
  17. MONXver2.0

    ESF lava pit

    I'm no mapper , but I think this souldn't be here. o_o Just in case you missed it. :)
  18. D


    Hey im from Australia and i dunno wot this pst n central crap times stuff is lol >_< so just wondering wot time should i be on if im in Australia?... cause i wanna be at the party :) if it starts really late at night ill still come... no sleep fer me ^_^ :tired:
  19. S

    lil help wiv skinning

    i can skin and all it just when i import my own texture and i assign the texture nufin happens the model stays the defult colour. it only allows me to add single colours like plain red,blue or green.
  20. F


    hi MAKE the skins better we have no pics form Gohan, kirlling, enz make make make bye bye O_O