1. C


    please don't ban me... I'd be cool with a suspension, but they've got to know combos, people are telling so fast... CRYPTIC COMBO CLUE FOR #1 Trial and Error CRYPTIC COMBO CLUE FOR #2 Same as the first
  2. Nuttzy

    Build Teh Nuttz a puter

    my home pc is crapping out on me, and everytime i mention to anyone of mah online buds that im wanting to buy a decent gaming pc to replace it, and i show em a few im lookin at, i get slaughtered by "omgzors make your own youll save alot of moneh", (obviously not in those same words) i know...
  3. suicidal_maniac

    Teh Siggyness.

    I finally had motivation to make one. Too bad it was to late for Magus :P Well crit it and stuff.
  4. J

    ZOMG TEH POTW(month)

    If i'm not mistaken freeza can pickup objects that can be destroyed O_O Wow cool....this will give a reason to actually use telekinisis (cant spell it) That means (i think) the bigger the object...the harder it is to dodge and the more damage it does! "OMG BEHIND YOU" too late...you...
  5. Growler

    Teh Tennis Ball Map

    I have a good multiplayer idea... make a map that has like a tennis ball shooter on one side of the map, but only it shoots spirit bombs, deathballs, and vanishing balls, and they gradually get stronger as your team successfully fights off each one (if not successful, then you all DIE! >:D)...
  6. Suh Dude

    Teh Smarktards language. "1337"

    Now people are talking smacktard, but they don't know what it means. Heres a couple that I know. D: woot = We own other team. woop = We own other people. pwn = own - It's missed spelled on purposed. ^ pwned = owned. ^ pwning = owning. lol = Laugh out loud. rofl = Rolling on floor...
  7. Deman

    FMA Sig request for teh Deman

    Hey y'all.. I just finished watching the FMA subs, and I figure "Hey, that Alex Louis Armstong guy is pretty cool." So I'm leaving it up to you, the forum user to make me a beautiful sig worthy of such an awesome character. My only preference is that it contains at least one picture of him...
  8. suicidal_maniac

    Teh Siggyness

    Comment bishes.
  9. S

    teh way of no way

    its brucey baby! im rusty as hell and i got my scanner working, maybe that'll motivate meh! =P enjoy and crit, oh and i know i screwed up on the eye on the right, but i cudnt find the photo to correct it properly... i mean i couldnt be arsed to find my book to copy from again =\ i did do this a...
  10. suicidal_maniac

    Teh Siggyness o/

    New sig. Comment on it bishes.
  11. ZeroNightmare

    Teh Leet Siggy WIP

    Havent added text, but i thought it looked so damn cool.... yay unbanned :tired:
  12. L

    FCX's MS Paint art Paint is teh best!! lol

    Well I made this in Paint, 100%... Well... I did use PS to add the text and save at a better quallity! lol.. his name is, Kenji Ogami some of you may know him...I'm currently colouring it in, But I'll just give you the outline..for now. I used a graphic tablet to draw this.. (didnt trace...
  13. E

    Teh neji

    :( saw JTR's neji and thought id try doing 1 aswell , kinda in a slump @ modeling that im trying to get out off atm so nothing special. my max has a virus so the render isnt the best, meh, but critz and comments are most welcome.
  14. A

    OMGWTFBBQ What did j00 get for teh uber holidayz

    Made a what did you get for the holday's thread cuz I dun want my thread wipped o/ So what did you get for Christmas / Hanukah Etc..
  15. suicidal_maniac

    Teh New Siggyness o/

    Any comments?
  16. Sicron

    let us guess: Teh Buddy System?!

    well always, esf is creating new systems....and the forum community exists offcourse to guess how they work...so...let us guess! I think the buddy system would work like this: as soon as ginyu gets low on hp, he can quickly change into a different model (aka, buddy...) so you can play further...
  17. Catman

    Teh sig requests >.<!

    anyone think they can make me another sesshomaru sig if u need any pics contact me..
  18. J

    :O teh sig request!

    got a sig request for anyone whos interested... it will involve your art skills in general as you will be colouring a character as well as the rest of the sig. use whatever style you want. but i would like it to reflect the personality of the character. ill give credits to the creator of...
  19. J

    ZOMFG!!!! teh Crue bes back!! >;0

    thats right!! motley crue have reformed and are starting their new tour!! hell yes, im damned excited >_< alteady got my ticket to see them!!!! JUSSSSS!!!!!!
  20. J

    Teh Gutz

    still a wip, working on the hair now, then i gotta make the hands, and finnish skinmapping... shouldnt be too long i gues. depends how much i drink today :S