1. Barney

    Teh Metal

    Well most people have posted their musical talents/bands in the General discussion, but since I feel that music is an art form, I think it should be posted in the art section. Without further adieu: http://nineworldsdesign.com/images/Blackest%20Sabbath.aif Doomier version of Black Sabbath...
  2. M

    Teh R33| FR33MAN?

    Original Picture: New Pictures: Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/56057 Album - http://picasaweb.google.com/reddit/GordonFreemanCERNAndAWreckingBar?authkey=bqut7SFV-Cc#
  3. Kaination

    Zomg Teh Kaination Loses Fat Thread

    Okay, well, as I swore I'm going to lose weight during the summer. I've been fat all my life and now that I'm a senior in highschool, I want to lose this tubbyness so I can get laid more often \o/ Anyways, so, anyone have any tips for working out? Should I do it in the morning, afternoon...
  4. J


    Happy birfday phobius!
  5. Almighty_Gir


    Happy birfday phobius!
  6. Denz

    Teh Robots...all kind!

    I was searching for some gundam pics and run on this http://www.techdigest.tv/robots/index.html scroll down to see the "Walking Gundam Robot"....so secks also if this is old news dont flame me...
  7. Pain

    Teh bum be gone O_O

    Since so many of you people kept breaching the AUP in an attempt to beat my ass, I got something new. Thoughts?
  8. S

    Installing, teh fux?

    Half Life's fully installed, as well as the latest version of steam, and I get this And it won't let me install. Period. Anyone got any suggestions as to installing it? :/ *** Here's a screenshot of my "steamapps" folder too - note the non-existence of a "[email protected]"? :////...
  9. M

    Teh Best Mascot Thread

    there have been many mascots in the past decade or so, i wanted to know who is your favorite mascot, example:sonic,mario,crash bandicoot etc. i would make a poll but i dont know how, i choose sonic because he can be used for a more mature audicence and child audience, and the first sonic game...
  10. J

    ESF help (yes, i have read teh How to install)

    Ok, my situation is that 3 weeks ago i finally bought CS 1.6 and such in the CS Anthology pack. I installed the steam client downloaded from steam-powered and just the other night downloaded ESF123 and installed per the instructions. It does not appear on my games list on steam and when i click...
  11. Denz

    DBZ: at teh beach [humor]

    I dont know if I posted it here but heh the classics are allways welcome to me. check it out, its funny. http://www.madcool.com/mc/comics/dragonball/b1.htm post your opinions and stuff that comes along, and read all of it!!!
  12. B

    Swiftleaf teh dr00d..

    Guy from my WoW guild asked to make a portret of him. Here it be: Not quite finished, though. 5 minute sketch. 3 hour painting in photoshop. Note: kinda screwed at the left side of the hood.. I'll most likely change that later.
  13. Suh Dude

    Western Blue in teh Xbox?

    I opened up inside my xbox since its broken. I looked inside and there's a Western Blue Harddrive. If I use it on my computer, will it work? I'm just wonderng. D:
  14. Kaination


    Happy thanksgiving! Have fun eating that!
  15. C

    For teh 3ds max users.

    Mhhh I was just wondering how you ppl add your final touches to a model... becuase for me to kick out symmetry and not being sure of it actually being done is quite a pain. The most obvious decision is to just collapse symmetry but I have been thinking of adding a edit mesh modifier...
  16. Kaination

    The '120 seconds' rule thing in teh forum

    Well, it's most likely been suggested before, but I'm too tired to search through 500 threads :0 Anyways, you know when you post something, then quickly another, it says you cant post for 120 seconds. Well I was wondering of two things: (my main idea) 1.) Make there a Timer so you know...
  17. A


  18. Nuttzy

    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    this is another one of my attempts at getting back into modelling ^^. first a quick smooth shot now a simple flatshaded, (sorry now wireframes for joo, i got a few polyflow issues im working on. im not gonna hand you the keys to the "bash the model-mobile" just yet^^) and now a...
  19. F

    High Speed Cable is teh ****. I need help.

    Ok, quick question. I am getting high speed internet soon from comcast as many probably know. I was going to sleep, at least trying to, and I was thinking about how I'm getting highspeed (I'm really excited about it) and then I started thinking about my old high speed. And my train of though...
  20. Tassadar

    Zomg! Rofl Waffles on teh attacks!

    Funniest thing I've ever seen. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=1469&item=5591163987&rd=1 Super Saiyan lollerskater ftw