1. Deathshot

    Boxing Talk

    So A few of my Co-Workers were talking about Boxing past and present.... Mike Tyson in his prime vs Muhammad Ali in his prime I am calling it Mike Tyson's win. He just has too much power behind those punches.
  2. DiebytheSword

    Roshi's Sock Drawer, aka, the over 18 years old club. Lets talk.

    Alright. Here's the deal, we've talked with the host, and we have two hard fast no-no's that cannot be posted on Gamer's Desire. Drug talk and outright porn (naked solo counts) can't be posted regardless of the age of the group viewing it. So what I need from those who want this to happen...
  3. Painkiller

    Talk throught lan

    Hey guys Since my ISP often ****S UP I'm here to ask you if there's some software I can download to "talk" (not chat) with other people in my local network THX
  4. Jarek Bachanek

    Anyone listen Trance/Electronic Dance Music ? I'm big fan of electronic music especially this sub genre: Few my fave artists: Daniel Kandi - Denmark Aly & Fila - Egypt Andy Blueman - Slovenia - My Personal god Ferry Tayle - France Manuel...
  5. Kaination

    Avast! Happy talk like a pirate day! yaaaar.

  6. sub

    Forum Talk: Cleaning Up The Clutter

    The forum is cluttered with large sections of the forum going unused. I want to fix this by doing the following: > Merge the Newbie Central section with the Help section Argument for doing this: People post in the help section for help regarding ESF, most newbies post in the newbie section...
  7. VideoJinx

    Lets talk about the Main Stream Media
  8. Kurt`

    Talk Like A Pirate Day - Arrrrrrrrrrr~

    (it's the 19th in certain parts of the world, so thread = created) ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr! So what are you doing that's piratey today? Me, I updated the "MinionSig" to be a bit more piratey (you'll see people using it around the forums)...
  9. F

    Everyone who wants to talk about Warez talk about it here!!!

    Haha I knew I'd get your attention. Now that I have it- here's my question: Say a friend of mine got a game. I dunno; like F.E.A.R or something. Okay now say that he lends me the CD's for it so I can put it on my computer- is that warez? If a mod answers this; close the thread thanks :)
  10. -Blaze-

    Talk about naruto chars

    Tell what you think of your favorite naruto heroes Naruto- Well, he is stupid, he makes everyone to laff, but when there's real trouble, he becomes cooler than the others, even Sasuke. :rolleyes: Sasuke-He always acts cool, with his hard work he becomes ever stronger, but he can't become...
  11. G

    GMail talk

  12. Suh Dude

    Oh no... Google Talk

    Oh gosh... Google Talk. It's a new IM Messenger. Only requires a GMAIL account. There's going to be some competition... GTALK (Google Talk), MSN, AIM, YAHOO, & ICQ.
  13. A

    um whats all this talk about hacks for esf?

    do people just say other people are cheating because they cant admit they got killed by another player? or are there really hacks for esf if there are what do you look for to tell if people are hacking
  14. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Post your photos here if you want to actually be allowed to talk about what's in them

    Hey everyone. So I got really agitated with that disastrous "Beauty is only Skin Deep" thread just now because I'm really just disappointed with the whole thing. Not that I don't see the point, but it was obviously not made very clear. From what I gathered of the whole thing, the idea of it was...
  15. L

    dbz: budokai 3 talk.

    hello everybody! if anyone got dragonball z budokai 3, please could you just help me, because i don't know where in dragon universe/story mode i can find a >>super spirit bomb<< capsule... could anyone help me?
  16. K

    You want off topic? lets talk GRADUATING!!!

    Hello kidz. I'm lucky enough to be able to get to the forums through the school's internet, which has blocked almost anything remotely fun or interesting. Is anybody else about to graduate high school? in my city we go to college for year 11 and 12 so im outta there in year 10 (thats not the...
  17. A

    You can talk with it you can sleep with it. :o
  18. SSJ4Magus

    Dragon Ball Talk

    Hi my names magus, i love DB, DBZ, and DBGT and i hope the people like pan, SSj3 Goku, SSJ4 Goku, and show a SSj3 Vegeta coz u never see it on episodes O.O, well you get the point lol what do you think bout this lot and do you like my Sig?
  19. P

    :talk: I CAN?T PLAY ESF!!!!HELP

    first i've downloaded esf 1.2 and when installedi've clicked on the desktop icon and it appeard an error saying that was missing the file steam.exe.i thought that the game would need the 1.2.1 i've downloaded it and i installed it.But it gave me the same i got the steam program...
  20. R

    Shrek 2 - talk about it here

    I just got back from seeing it, i know i know, it's been out for a while. I just want to see what you all thought about it. heres my crits.... HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I was laughing the entire time, I don't think any part of that movie was boring it always kept me laughing, especially the cat...