1. #16

    Trunks and his sword?

    In ESF Final we will see USSJ Trunks with sword or without? Just wondering.
  2. DiebytheSword

    So, who wants to help Sword unlock goodies for Mass Effect 3? (requires facebook)

    Anyone interested in helping me unlock Mulitplayer items in Mass Effect 3? I need you to like the Mass Effect 2 page on facebook and then freind me. After that I send you a request, all you have to do after that is play the Mass Effect 3 demo and link your origin account to facebook. If...
  3. DiebytheSword

    Son of the Sword

    8 lbs 8.2 ozs, 18 inches long. Say hello to Marcus Gregory
  4. Damaera

    NEW ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!! The Skyward Sword

    AWWWWWW ****! It looked pretty ****ing pro at the E3 presentation (despite the motion **** ups), can't wait to buy it. ---------- Double Post below was added at - 10:07 AM has been merged with this post created - 09:34 AM at ---------- Trailer 1...
  5. Cap J

    Sword Discussion

    DEMAN EDIT: Moved posts from the pic thread about swords to here since they were threatening to take a few pages. Lucky, mine looks best short (like in the wedding pic), if it gets longer it just looks crappy. Heh, I was told by a girl I've known for years that she is jealous of how my hair...
  6. SG_SSJ!

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?
  7. D

    sword quality

    ive been looking for a replica tensa zangetsu (bleach) sword and i found one. the description of it is great, if true, but the price is just so low im having a hard time believing that its so well put together long story short, has anyone gotten any weapons from this site...
  8. M

    Sword of the new World

    Currently i am really enjoying this game for it being a korean mmo, it isn't as much of a grind fest, or maybe it just doesn't seem that way with the multicharacter control, yeah that is right you can control up to 3, chars at once. Really quite the amazing game in those types of feats imo...
  9. S

    How to use Sword?

    I have been playing with ESF like a year by I never use trunks... Now I want to use it but i cant use the sword... How do i use it?
  10. Knickyx

    FF7AC: Clouds Sword

    Creating Clouds 6 piece Tsurugi sword :smile: Spent countless hours researching and scanning through the movie to get the hilt and blade as perfect as I could.:\ The Core open The Core open: Hilt close-up The Core open: Hilt close-up (Inside shot) The Core closed The Core...
  11. dany_goku

    Buster Sword&Twin Sword

    I wanted to make a Cloud Strife model but I didn't have refs.Anyway I started with his sword.And also Kadaj's Twin Sword. http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p230/kakarottossj/twin3.jpg http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p230/kakarottossj/twin2.jpg...
  12. Y

    Buster Sword [WIP]

  13. Tsunami

    Replica of Ichigo's Bankai and Shikai sword

    http://www.trueswords.com/ichigo-bankai-sword-from-bleach-anime-tensa-zangetsu-manga-p-2556.html http://www.trueswords.com/ichigo-sword-from-bleach-anime-zangetsu-cutting-moon-manga-p-2088.html MUST ORDER!!!!!!!
  14. M

    Sword of the Stars Demo

    Anyone play the demo? It's a turn based game where your goal is to conquer the solar system and defeat your opponent (like many other space turned based games). I thought it was pretty interesting and I usually don't play turned based games...
  15. D


    I looked around and I can't find anything on this... What's it do? What makes the sword superior to regular melee?
  16. Brim

    Gun X Sword

    Is anyone else watching this? I just saw the first two episodes and it seems like it's going to be a winner. It is a bit cliche of a story, and does incorporate many ideas from other anime, which may turn some people off, but overall I find it quite enjoyable. Your thoughts?
  17. J

    Joan Of Arc's Sword

    yeah, did another model... Critz and comments please :)
  18. M

    Trunks Sword

    Yo im an nub how do i use trunks's sword
  19. ~Dark Trunks~

    sword struggle suggestion =)

    ok i was thinkin since seein the fx video from wut it looks like trunks might get sword melee back for basic melee or somthin like that. well everyone knos how wen if u have 20% helth and trunks hits u wit his sword its a sword kill. i was thinkin that instead of always diein instead if u...
  20. Z

    tidus sword

    This is a model of Tidus' sword from ffx. It's basically done i just have to connect the front to back and fix some smoothing problems. C&C welcome.