1. N

    Half life two (Sorry if its allready been suggested)

    Is it possible to make this compatable with HL2? Because i'm a HUGE fan of dragonball, and the other series, I just feel a little bad that i can't play this because i don't have Half Life As it said in title sorry if its been suggested.
  2. Z Senshis|Shin

    I've Suggested 1 year ago, maybe now...

    just a few improvement and looking suggestion, nothing complicated. I think, when you turn on the turbo it would have the same FX than power up, I mean to all rocks and dust around you. another thing, would be that you can walk slowly when you are on turbo, like gohan in cell saga. (i know...
  3. Wolf Devil

    Beam struggle problems (suggested for 1.2.1)

    Ok, you guys made the right decesion when you decided to make it so that if two beams in a truggle don't move for 5 seconds, they blow up... However, I think this should be expanded a little more. As you may know, when beams collide they can, on occasion, go in an entirely crooked direction...
  4. Krazy-Killa

    Ideas that have already been suggested.

    I'm making this thread because I'm seeing alot of threads concerning suggestions that have been suggested before, and/or been rejected. Improve Renzoku - Has already been improved for 1.2, so please stop suggesting it :S. Some Renzoku suggestions are good. Example would be: This -- Not that...
  5. B

    New Attacks (Ime sure these have not been suggested before)

    Here are some new moves that i have come up with. I sure these have not been mentiond before. 1. Cell - Energy Field - The move that he used when goku was pumbeling him with tons of ki blasts. It creats a huge shield around you that blocks moves and dameges other people. The longer it...
  6. Sonic the Vampire

    Getting tired? 1.2 alternate attack technique suggested. Think fatigue.

    I haven't posted a suggestion since the Buu chocolate bar thing if I remember right, so I've decided to put another one down for debate. This idea is just a different version of one of my suggestions that has been around the forums since 1.2 melee was discussed. It was suggested at one time...
  7. V

    suggestion for 1.2(never b4 suggested)

    i want a ssj2
  8. B

    i dunno if this has been suggested b4

    to have a renzoku energy BEAM att e.g instead of firing lots of ki balls, u fire lots of little generic beams, that also form the ki blob that'd look heaps cool, and u see it done heaps on the show regards
  9. O

    garlic jr

    i wanna make a garlic jr model but i wanna ask you guys if you wanna have it because i know 5 DBZ mod and only Ebfp has one. Now this is what i was thinking about: -Make it for BUU Attacks: 1-melee 2-ki 3-generic beam 4-belly blast 5-Dead zone Explain the Deadzone: make the...
  10. P

    brolli in future esf versions

    brolli should be in future esf versions, or a new game mode where everyone tries to kick brolli's ass where one person is brolli and he is freakishly strong compared to everyone else for example like he doesnt get knocked back/as much as anyone else.
  11. S

    looking for maps with destructable terrain

    Does anyone know any maps with lots of destructable stuff? I just have the urge to blow up more then just people when I play...If anyone knows any DMZ maps also like this then I can use those too. If you copy all the wad files from the dmz folder its possible to play those maps too. any...
  12. D.C. Darkling


    Ok.. i am currently working on the saiyan saga vegeta I made. No.. I haven't done anything I wanted on it yet. This patch is merely to make it 1.1 compatible. (someone had to make more sequences for renzoku then the 1.0 model suggested :fight: ) I am now debugging it and rebuilding some...
  13. Marauder

    David guetta

    made a new one. a guy from da helped out with the render(credit to ~moessix-arts) enjoy
  14. grOOvy

    Suggested Feature (please move as necessary)

    I haven't noticed one VERY common thing in Dragonball Z being included in esf..... and that is the ability of saiyans to have their ki/power level increased when they recover from a fatal injury. I think ESF should include the following feature in ESF: When a saiyan is below 10 health...
  15. Vengaurd

    2 Deathballs and a Beam Pack

    hey, its been a while sence i produced anything all that great but thats because i've been trying to learn the ins and outs of valve hammer editor (the mapping program for those of you who didnt know...) i think ive got that down pat now(exept for that damn lighting, i geuss i'll just make a lot...
  16. rarthax221


    shouldn't there be like a forum for model posts and updates ect and then have requests in diff forum. :)
  17. rabid ostrage


    Is anyone at the moment working on a Gojeta model and sound pack. Because i downloaded vegetto and he is awsome. makes me feel like i can do anything. I was wondering if there wa going to be the same thing with gojeta cause hes cool 2 I WANT GOJETA SO BAD!!!!!! but im so retarted and...
  18. X

    Map I idea u will all LUV -- Request --

  19. catfish

    Map idea - Inside Buu

    I just had this one pop into my head. A map that is inside Buu somewhere. If this has been suggested, i tried searching but it said "buu" is too short and had to use at least 4 chars for a search.
  20. S


    Where do I find my world craft on my computer because i dont know where to look i have it cuz it says in the book.