1. C

    Target Lock

    Hello, as the title says i suggest target lock... :smile: Let`s evolve the idea :notice: thanks for reading
  2. J

    Suggest me nice PC

    Hello guys , can you suggest me nice PC that costs arround max 300euros? I was thinking of something like this: Motherboard: MSI A55M-P33 Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 641 2.8GHz Graphic Card: nVidia GT 630 4GB DDR3 RAM: 8GB DDR3 Kingston 1333MHz HD: 500GB SATA 2 Optic Device : DVD-RW PC...
  3. EvolutionX

    Funny Suggest

    Hi guys. I have a very funny suggestion. So I just want "Flying Nimbus" :D You can fly with this with a lower speed, but it doesn't take KI. So what did you think?! :D It could be fun and it will look more like Dragon Ball Z... :smile: :laff:
  4. sub

    Evidence to suggest multiverses exist One of the most interesting things I've read.
  5. D

    suggest a Martial Art

    I've been wanting to take a martial arts course, and the training thread got my determination back up, but i cant really decide which one would be useful and usually devoid of the "McDojo", as Cuc put it. the options i have are: Kung Fu - a number of styles Kick Boxing Muay Thai TKW...
  6. Rocky

    Suggest me some new animes!

    It's that time again folks, I'm looking for some new animes to watch. What I've already seen. DB/Z/GT Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Naruto Bleach Tenjo Tenge Full Metal Alchemist Full Metal Panic ...and I'm currently halfway through Great Teacher Onizuka (and loving it!) I like...
  7. PiXel

    Suggest me a good computer :O any good? please tell me... 44? for a month i will pay for it if i will buy it. or this one...
  8. Barney's_Soul

    Can people suggest good Anime series?

    Okay, so far I have seen DBZ, Pokemon, and Inuyasha, and am currently watching Love Hina and Cowboy Beebop. So guys, name the best anime series in here.
  9. S

    Sniperkiller 1 Suggest

    hi Guys i have 20 years old i see dragonball when i have my 12 ou 13 our 14 LoL! I see ESF site in a mod site and i saw the mod and i download the mod and installed! Great Job Guys really great job! but i have a suggestion! i play a few days and i see is very hard to see the Bot our the other...
  10. A

    Can Anyone Suggest Some Good Sig Fonts?

    I Am looking around 1001fonts... but I cannot find any sleak looking font designs. Can anyone suggest some?
  11. V

    A question about Transformation and a suggest

    Hi!! I´ve a question.... How many transformations are for each char? What do i have to do to transform faster? Cause it´s too slowly, i mean yo have to spend a long time to be able to transf. And why don´t "mappers", people who make maps, doesn´t do a fully destroyable map and with people...
  12. J

    An other Suggest for ESF

    The Goku is too weak..... Please make it stronger Cell is too waek also strong it please Gohan is too weak..... In Cartoon , Gohan is very strong when he kill Cell vegeta is too strong when SSJ....... krillin is not strong.... Why in ESF , it can be very strong when he has hair...
  13. J

    A suggest for the 1.2

    Can you make a ESF 1.2 and make a Brolly in your games?? If you agree to make.... Can you add all attack that like the TV to the Brolly........ I suggest it : 1. Melee (if it become SSJ , It need to stringer than all other man in ESF ) 2. Gren Blask ( stronger than other too in SSJ ) 3...
  14. G

    mp3 suggest

    I played esf and sudenly a geat idea come up in my little brain i thoght that it will be lot better if u can do a playlist to each charecter!! cuz lets say i saw a clip with a song lets say limp bizkit-my way and it was vegeta tribut and i want it just for vegeta not to all the char. it...
  15. G

    Mybe best suggest I had ever suggest!

    I read that someone suggest make kame not allways axplode make it also go throw ur enamy and another had has complaind that the kame is 2 strong and my8 kill u so i thought that if u shoot kame on someone if it cant hurt u and its thouch him it will explode but if it can hurt u it will go...
  16. G

    Melee Combo suggest

    I think that the combo should be longer and u will be able 2 continu it till ur ki is over and the difender will can attack 2 if he is strong enoth (i dont have idea how 2 do it but it will be gr8 and put to esf more extion) so what do u think??
  17. OubliezJe

    new suggest

    Power with all char, New power with instead of just using one hand they use two i think it would look pretty cool ............................l .........l beams ............................l.........l .......................... --.......-- hands ............................l ........l...
  18. Z

    hentai goku

    this link contains erotic conten if u are not 16 ore olderask your parents for promision to enter so not do not i repeat do not click it
  19. Bryggz

    My Bruce Lee Banner/Sig/Background/Or whatever, give crits

    you heard the subject hmmm? :shocked:
  20. Volrath

    Hulls... and more, HELP!

    hey guys...i neeed more help please, i don't know hot to put the hull file into my map, can someone explain it to me? and more, when i'lll create game, the map doens't appear to start the game, i have to create with another map and changelevel to my map, can anybody help me? thanks guys