1. Escobar


    ey every1, bringing you my latest work what do u guys think.. i may be thinking of putting some time into the color but tell me what you guys think.. bryce 5 + photoshop 7
  2. Moshe Kipod Ham

    2 New reskins

    Long hair Gohan (Yamcha) and Guldo from the Ginyu team (armor krillin) What do you think?
  3. Ryoko

    Humph, being ill sucks so much

    How did you guess that im ill again ¬_¬ I keep feeling lightheaded, have fainted once already feel sick a lot :( Probably a bad cold.. yeh i gess So dont blame me if my typing is skewed for a few ays cause its just me being ill :x
  4. V


    Hey, everybody, don't you think you should continue working on your models and not get them hosted until 1.1 is out otherwise you will have to reanimate
  5. G

    My First Model Edit Ever.

    Guys today I was bored I decided to practice milkshape when I try to put another models head on a body model from another Trunks it was hard but thanks to LOGAN this what I come up with.Please dont be hard on me is my very first model edit ever. COPY&PASTE LINK TO GO TO MY WEBSITE AND CHECK THE...
  6. Death The Jedi


    I made another wall paper, it's not great, I know, but here it is: I'll take all criticism you want to give me, (I know I need it). If you like it, feel free to rip it and use it for whatever you want, but I doubt anyone likes it.
  7. A


    well i was watching an DBmovie u know the 1 of andriod 17,18 when truks go ssj for the first time etc... then i saw that gohan had a cool scare on his face så i wonderd if any 1 wanna make a coll skin if it? pics bellow 1 2 3 4 5 well u know ;D not torn uff cloth...
  8. S

    bd ssj3 goku pack

    heres my battle damaged ssj3 goku pack credit to azn dragon for goku body and orig. hair maker for ssj3 hair. to download it click here
  9. S

    Dbz Music???

    can anyone give me the names of sum really good dbz music for my mp3 player ty. Also how do i add the songs in and how many songs can i have?
  10. G

    Frieza Form 4

    Im making a frieza form four for esf. The model is almost finished I just have to fix the head from the side. Im going to try and skin it but ill probably fai,l so if you think you can skin it then pm me in a couple days if I don't post a skinned pic. Heres a pic
  11. D

    Cell model Request..

    Im not the one to make requests... But does anyone else think that the cell model blows? I mean when he jumps he is all squiggly.. dude the model just sucks... I need someone or a new Cell to replace it please.. New anims too ..
  12. Loki

    My uh... Pro?

    Im not absolutly sure what a pro is but if this fits the qualifications then its my pro. Not much but I think it looks kewl. Vortex
  13. S

    Gundam Wallpaper

    Kay for the first time in a while i made a wallpaper, watching gundam episodes got me worked about mecha and sorts, so hence the theme, "Steel Angels"... made 2 versions, not that much diff tho, wich is better and how do ya like em :) </center>V1 V2 </center>
  14. R

    Master Roshi for ESf Beta

    I am a new member to this forum but I am in the process of trying to make a MASTER ROSHI model for ESF Beta (becuase someone requested it in the Last requests thread! I am having a little trouble finding side views of him in the black suit from the Worlds Strongest Movie and I also need just...
  15. U

    This sucks...

    First they tell us that they would update the site on 13 february then they said to 18 february, AND NOW ITS STILL NOT ****ING UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: ;( :S :\ :(
  16. *HurleyBoy*

    this sucks man!!

    im trying to get this sig to work that raider made for and hosted for me but it wont work...if you look at the url and stuff under the sig that works will see what i mean..if you can help me...please do! :)
  17. Naz

    Gundam Wing Wallpaper

    Over the last months, I haven't made a single good wallpaper, allthough I kept releasing them. I think I'm at the fase where I have plenty of inspiration, but I just can't get the image I have in my head in photoshop or 3dsmax, I always try my best at it, but somehow... I just can't.. while I...
  18. DaKD

    b dmg reskin of s bolts ssj2 gohan

    i reskinned s-bolts ssj2gohan with battle damage as soon as i buy milkshape i can edit it and do like azn did with gohan or i could stop bein lazy and figure out how to skin with MAX but o well heres a skin for now i might get some pics later *edit* here ya go...
  19. StriKe!

    Host plz?

    Could some1 get me a host for my models? i made an ssj2 majin + 3 vegeta. pm me is you can get me a host, ty
  20. K

    Help With Bg!!!!

    I am making a bg, and i know it sucks, i am tryin to make BG's but it hard to learn. But it is missing something. I can't put my finger on it. Any suggestions?