1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Does anyone else hate Ultimate Tenkaichi?

    I think they have ruined the tenkaichi series with this one. WOOHOO we finally got GT characters for the new gen of consoles, but whats this????? they changed the gameplay to something we dont want? oh thanks bandai namco your a true game developer arent you? you finally do what people ask then...
  2. E

    Vista sucks!

    the moment I decided to install Vista my life changed, for bad! today I have decided to go back to my good old XP. ESF is giving me a lot of trouble (crashes) and half life is acting buggy, although I know it is not HL's fault. Are experiencing the same or it is just me and my desperation?
  3. Skyrider

    This sucks a lot.. :( wii sold out!

    I've been in over 8 shops yesterday, and to over 5 online shops and all wii's are sold out! This is not normal, it seems the wii is way more popular than almost any console.
  4. D

    bioshock sucks my balls (my review, kinda)

    you dont have to reply, im just ranting. i got this game 3 days ago, the day after christmas. ****in, ive had so many problems with just installing this game (and i knew it'd be trouble when it said dvd rom) that i consider it a pathetic and completely worthless game. and i havent even...
  5. The Deco

    Budokai tenkaichi 3 SUCKS

    I started playing it today and it sucks ASS, theres 3-5 levels for a saga, it repeats it self, there is only some new moves but not much and a bit more characters. As usual budokai repeats itself and it start to get annoyn. The idea is the less the levels but more fighting per fight. (but...
  6. Nuttzy

    this just in, Guitar Hero 3 sucks.

    This is a game i was really looking forward to, despite rock band repeatedly being called a better game I still had high hopes for it. it has a HORRIBLE TRACKLIST, the 1 or 2 good songs on the game are in the later lists so you are forced to play about 30 god awful songs just to get to the...
  7. F

    Well this sucks, gfx help

    Okay, so my computer died on me, and I had to erase everything. My computer isn't detecting the nvidia 6800gt, and is running on the monitor, what drivers do I need to install? I'm at the nvidia website, but I'm not sure what to install. Thanks.
  8. M

    Computer Sucks

    For awhile my computer has been acting weird, If im on the computer for about a hour, when I try to open a file I hear a weird sound then nothing happens it's like for no reason, it happens randomly, like the CPU wont let me open things, like a folder, my computer, the internet etc., In order...
  9. A


    :no: :no: that sucks what funimation is doin to yall. You arent makeing any money off of this so why take legal action. There have got to be like 10 other DBZ mods out there! this blows...especially before 1.3. I was waiting for that for a long time. THIS IS SO BOGUS!!! ~an esf fan
  10. Suh Dude


    Just kidding roflmao... I really suck at proportions. Maybe a few tips or fellow drawovers? wtf? :O
  11. Volosity

    ... gmax sucks..... need help woth converter

    do you know of a exporter that alowws me to export .3ds for gmax so i can get them into max? i am going a DBAF model and my other models i want to get to max like my Bojack Gohan plz help i wanna render my gona :D and to the mods i am gona post a pic when i can render it :P
  12. Suh Dude

    Man... this sucks....

    My friend's dad died in a marine base yesterday and we might go to their house soon. I don't know what to say them. I don't want to talk about their father infront of them and make them feel uncomfortable...
  13. F

    Doom 3 sucks!!!!!!!

    Actually I'm just kidding I wanted to direct your attention to this thread. My grandfather is a huge huge gamer. He has that dell xps or whatever it's called. Anywho, he sent me doom 3 so I could play it. And No matter how low I put the configurations everything lags, and is choppy and I...
  14. I

    esf sucks game wtf?

    :\ i play just 5 min and the game crash,wtf going on here? ;( ;( ;(
  15. A

    My new Sig Sucks....

    But I'm posting it anyway. EDIT: Added a Buttonized Border
  16. Diablos

    College Sucks.

    Not much to say about this. Bored of college so got to eva drawing, 15 min sketch. If you know the show you'll know the episode.
  17. Nuttzy

    sigh,.. customer service sucks

    recently i was going to purchase an HDloader for ps2, (there are just as many legal things you can do with it as illegal things dont go crying warez), it can impove your loading times and you dont need to worry about the disc anymore, since it loads it onto your HD, (you do need the cd to...
  18. M

    cant connect to server -_- (ps. steam sucks!!)

    hey guys...i installed esf2.1...and everytime i try to connect to a server it gets frozen at 'phrasing server info...'...its not responding in the task manager...and im just very pissed off (stupid valve closed won servers!!! ;( ) can anybody plz help???? thx in advance guys :)
  19. Majin Pool

    You moderator sucks

    Title says enough i think. :cool:
  20. L

    Who runs the =|PT|=ESF 1.2 Sucks :) =|PT|= server?

    I just got banned from that server by a guy named "sigh" because he thinks I tk'ed him on perpose(and that was my only tk all game). First of all it was an accident, I shot at a guy under him, but that guy wasn't "un haloed" yet so he got away and the splash damage got "sigh." Anyone know who...