sigh,.. customer service sucks

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Apr 23, 2003
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recently i was going to purchase an HDloader for ps2, (there are just as many legal things you can do with it as illegal things dont go crying warez),
it can impove your loading times and you dont need to worry about the disc anymore, since it loads it onto your HD, (you do need the cd to install it onto the HD)
after reading around on several other sites, and asking some other customers i came to the conclusion that the primary HDloader store was selling the FREEWARE version of it (you can download it for free if you have a mod chip)placed on a bootable cd, (no modchip necessary), so i ask myself, "paying for freeware?, ill make sure it works properly first")

i made a post on there forums asking previous customers if the site was reliable, and if the cd did actually work due to conflicting reports i had heard about the stores reliability, 2 minutes later my thread was deleted and my account was banned >_>, i made a new account to ask the forum admin what was up, and instead of a reply i got another account banned, this was at the OFFICIAL SITE, the one mentioned on the screensavers, (great show btw)

i shopped around and found another site selling the product, i checked on for sites relaiblilty, i pickied the top rated one, and though it did have its share of bad reviews they did handle them very professionally, (or so it seemed at the time) i bought it, and unlike most sites they bill your card immediately, whwther they have it instock or not and they ship it to you when they get it, (and they have a bad habit of saying items are in stock when they arent, i discovered later), since then it has shipped, but i didnt know this until a few minutes ago, at the time it was past the 24 hour mark and the order still hadnt been processed, so i thought it was one of those cases where it really wasnt in stock

due to the large amount of negative reviews on bad inventory status, i emailed them asking them if it was in stock or not or if there were any delays, and mentioned that i did plan on doing business with them in the future (cuz i have an xbox that could use some work) and that i only asked cuz of the reviews on, now THAT account is banned as well, but at least they sent me my tracking # before doing so, i only pray that they get the order right or i swear im taking a pkane to canada (where the store is located) and punching and kicking everyone i see til i get arrested, shot or pass out from exhaustion

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